Sea of Liquid Sand

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"While there were a few safe paths in the area, most of it was quicksand that could swallow Rock Steeds in a matter of moments."
— Narrator, Raid on Vulcanus

Sea of Liquid Sand
Status Intact
Position South-western part of Wastelands (Spherus Magna)

The Sea of Liquid Sand is an area to the south-western part of the Wastelands.


When the Shattering occurred, the Sea of Liquid Sand broke off from Spherus Magna onto Bara Magna. The Water Tribe then settled in Tajun, near the Sea of Liquid Sand.

During the Raid on Vulcanus, Fero's Bone Hunters left Iron Canyon and rode through the Sea of Liquid Sand to attack Vulcanus from the south, using one of the safe paths.

When Spherus Magna was reformed, the Sea once more became part of the planet.


This area is comprised of quick-sand like material, giving it its name. Any sand on Bara Magna can potentially be liquid, as the distiction between solid and liquid sand is hard to distinuish. The Sea of Liquid Sand has reached the point of liquefaction and resembles water more than the sand. Unlike the Skrall River, which always has flowing sand, the Sea is sometimes stable enough to support the weight of travellers. However it can quickly loose its solidity without warning.[1]






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