Underground Lab of the Great Beings

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"Kiina says she may know of a way I can find my way home. She has found a cave near her village filled with ancient technology and strange inscriptions, and she agrees to take me there."
Mata Nui's thoughts, Before the Storm

Underground Lab of the Great Beings
Status Intact
Position Near Tajun (Spherus Magna)

The Underground Lab of the Great Beings is a former sanctuary and laboratory of the Great Beings in southern Bara Magna near the village of Tajun.


Concept art of the Underground Lab
Discovery of the drawing of the giant mechanical being

The Lab was used by the Great Beings to design and develop their creations.

Long after the Great Beings had departed, the lab was discovered by the Glatorian Kiina. At some point, the Agori Berix discovered the cavern as well and frequently visited it, discovering a coin carved with various symbols on it. When Kiina learned of his visits there, she became distraught and warned Berix not to return to the cavern, as she had meant it to be her private sanctuary to escape from the hardships of her life on Bara Magna.

After the successful joint efforts of the Bone Hunters and Skrall forces to annihilate the village of Tajun, Kiina, Ackar, and Mata Nui sought to find a safe place to hide the wounded Gresh. The female Glatorian led her companions to the doorway of the lab. Once inside, Mata Nui noted familiar glyphs on the walls and a doorway with the symbol of the Three Virtues carved upon it.

The group discovered the presence of Berix inside the chamber, and a violent argument ensued between the Water Glatorian and the Agori. Berix insisted that he could heal Gresh, and that his prowess in fixing things was evident in his ability to have illuminated the Cavern. After some deliberation, Kiina finally acquiesced to the others' desire for him to tend to Gresh's wounds. Ackar revealed to Mata Nui that the Great Beings were the architects of the chamber, which accounted for the sense of familiarity Mata Nui felt in the chamber. As Mata Nui touched the door of the Three Virtues, the Kanohi Ignika was activated and the door slid open to reveal a lower level of the lab. Exploring the basement level, Mata Nui discovered a drawing of a giant mechanical being similar to that which he formerly ruled.

Later, while both were incarcerated in a cage in Roxtus, Kiina and Berix agreed to share the chamber as a mutual sanctuary.

Cavern of the Elements

The Cavern of the Elements[1] is the upper level of the lab, which contains six chambers arrayed around a central area with six spires. The chambers represent the Elements of Bara Magna.[2]


  • In The Legend Reborn, the diagram of Mata Nui is labeled in Matoran lettering. The diagram as a whole is titled "Mata Nui Robot", with individual diagrams labeled "front view" and "side view". A line pointing to Karda Nui identifies it as Mata Nui's "heart chamber". In the lower right-hand corner of the diagram the words "Bara Magna test site" are shown.
  • In the same movie, other Matoran Language inscriptions in the lab read: "Bionicle The Legend Reborn", "Lego", "Universal" (as in Universal Studios Home Entertainment, the film's distributor), "CGCG" (a 3D animation studio that much of the animation for all 4 Bionicle movies was outsourced to), "Mata Nui", "Bara Magna", "Secret Lab", "2009", and "Tbreshold" (likely a misspelling of Threshold, the primary animation studio behind The Legend Reborn).
  • The Cavern of the Elements contains several Matoran Language inscriptions as well. The entrances to the caves are inscribed based on their element: "Ice Element", "Rock Element", "Water Element", "Sand Element", "Fire Element". The entrance to the jungle cavern is mistakenly labeled as "Air Element". The hallways leading to these caves have inscriptions on the walls reading: "oite", "xork" and "123".
  • Initially, Greg Farshtey denied the idea that the Cavern of the Elements was the place where the Element Lords were created.[3] Later, Farshtey changed his answer.[4] However, this seems to be impossible, because in The Legend Reborn, the "Water Element" hallway simply leads to the village of Tajun and does not contain any special environment.


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