Timeline/History of Bara Magna

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100,000 Years Ago

The Shattering
  • The Shattering splits Spherus Magna into three pieces; Aqua Magna, Bota Magna, and Bara Magna. The two smaller planetoids become moons of Bara Magna, where beings separated from their homelands struggle to scratch out an existence.
  • The Element Lords, military leaders of the Core War, are trapped on Bara Magna.
  • Sahmad is left stranded on Bara Magna, where he takes up residence in the wilderness, all the while developing an increasing hatred for other Agori. He acquires a Baranus chariot and tames a Spikit, using them to travel around the Wastelands.
  • Strakk is stranded on Bara Magna, far from his homeland.
  • Annona is stranded on Bara Magna, and hides from fear of the Great Beings
  • The warriors and Agori of the Sand Tribe begin to devolve into primitive savages as a reaction to the disaster.
  • Metus begins to sell Exsidian, and is such a good salesman that people skirmish over who should buy his goods
  • Tarix, Certavus, Ackar and Vastus create the Glatorian system of arena battles as a means of resolving disputes between tribes over the Exsidian.
  • Tarix convinces the Glatorian to join the system, while Ackar works on convincing the Agori.

Sometime Between 100,000 Years Ago and Before One Year Ago

  • The Skrall conquer the area north of the Black Spike Mountains and establish themselves as rulers of their own empire.
  • Telluris begins to attack travelers in the desert in his Skopio XV-1.
  • Vastus and Ackar win some Grand Tournaments.
  • On a mission to salvage supplies from a wooded area, a Skrall patrol is attacked by a pack of the Shapeshifting Baterra. Only two warriors survive, one of whom earns the name Branar.
  • More Baterra appear and assault the Skrall, wiping out much of the warrior class and all of the elite class save Tuma.
  • Tuma leads an expedition to find the Baterra, and more and more of the Skrall are killed.
  • Stronius discovers that the Baterra are machines, and later the Skrall realize they are shapeshifters before returning to their fortress.
  • Skrall bring in wood to the Skrall Fortress that turns out to be Baterra in disguise. The Skrall lose the fights to the Baterra, and flee.
Baterra attacking Skrall

20,000 Years Ago

  • Certavus, Prime Glatorian of Iconox, passes away from natural causes.[1] Strakk becomes the prime Glatorian of Iconox.

One Year Ago

  • Tuma organizes a Skrall migration to the south, where they occupy the city of Roxtus.
  • Even more Skrall are killed as they flee to Roxtus.
  • Atakus leads the Agori of the Rock Tribe after the Skrall to join them.
  • Tuma orders regular "Vorox runs" in an attempt to locate the presence of Baterra in the area to be prepared for a possible invasion.
  • Tarix wins the Great Tournament of the year.
  • Perditus loses in the tournament to the Kaxium V3
  • Crotesius wins in his Cendox V1 in the vehicle side of the tournament
  • The Skrall begin to participate in the arena system.
  • A Skrall patrol is assigned to locate the Book of Certavus in the western ruins.
  • The Skrall patrol returns to Roxtus without the book, reassigned to the duty of feeding Spikit, and end up as being devoured by the Spikit themselves.
  • The Glatorian Malum tries to kill Vastus in an Arena Match, but Strakk intervenes.
  • Malum talks to Ackar about his actions, and later defeats Gresh in Tesara.
  • When Malum next fights Strakk, he tries to kill him, but Gresh stops him.
  • Malum is exiled for trying to kill Strakk into the Wastelands.
  • Malum allies himself with a pack of Vorox.