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"Check that list again; maybe Makuta signed his name at the bottom."
Toa Nuva Pohatu, Prisoners of the Pit

Scroll of Preparations
Manufacturer Great Beings
Users Toa Nuva (formerly)
Function List of requirements to prepare the Matoran Universe for Mata Nui's awakening
Status In use
Location Great Temple (formerly)
Spherus Magna

The Scroll of Preparations is a parchment scroll that details the tasks required to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui, placed in the Great Temple in Ga-Metru by the Great Beings. After leaving the island of Voya Nui, the Toa Nuva went to the Great Temple in secret, by request of Axonn and Botar, who knew about the scroll, and retrieved it. The scroll has a list of several requirements that the Toa Nuva must fulfill in order to prepare the world for Mata Nui's awakening. Below are items on the list:

  1. Release the Bohrok swarms on Mata Nui.
  2. Retrieve the Staff of Artakha.
  3. Retrieve the Heart of the Visorak.
  4. Quell a series of active volcanoes in a chain of Southern Islands, including the island of Artidax.
  5. Look through the Great Telescope on Mata Nui and record the Red Star's location.


  • The scroll is one of the few items in the Matoran Universe not made of Protodermis, and is written on a scroll of paper rather than being one of the stone carvings typically used to transcribe ideas.
  • Another task the Toa Nuva had to accomplish, although it was not mentioned on the list, was to retrieve the Great Sundial from Mata Nui, and place it in the Archives. This task was communicated through a strange voice in Lewa's mind.


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