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"For peace and the law."
— Narrator, Vahki Online Animations

Assigned Metru Le-Metru
Tools Staff of Erasing
Status Inactive
Pronunciation VOAR-zahk
Set number 8616

The Vorzakh were the Vahki of Le-Metru.


The Vorzakh were constructed by the Onu-Matoran Nuparu as mechanical law enforcers for Metru Nui, under Turaga Dume's rule.

When Toa Metru Vakama, Nokama and Matau fled from the Coliseum, a group of Vorzakh demolished a part of the Chute that Matau was traveling in. However, the Toa managed to escape.

Later, a number of Vorzakh chased after the six Toa Metru, who were attempting to find a haven for the Matoran, arriving to join in a battle between the Toa and Mavrah, who was allied with several gigantic Rahi. The Vahki were able to kill some of the Rahi, but were then destroyed.

All the Vorzakh were later destroyed by the Great Cataclysm or by the Visorak swarms.[1]

Abilities and Traits

A Vorzakh in action

Vorzakh were very destructive, and often slammed through various buildings and Chutes in Le-Metru.[2] They were designed, however, to go around all the obstacles, but figured out about the ease of just smashing through the obstacles. To a Vorzakh, they want to end a chase as soon as possible, and would destroy buildings just to capture a single Matoran lawbreaker.


Vorzakh were outfitted with Staffs of Erasing, which would temporarily erase the target's memory. They also had Kanoka Launchers built into their heads.

Set Information

8616 Vorzakh was released as one of the six canister Vahki sets in the summer of 2004. The set contained thirty-three pieces, and included a Le-Metru Kanoka disk. Also included with the set was a card with a Kanoka Code redeemable for points for the Kanoka Club. It can be combined with Nuurakh and Rorzakh to create a Kranua.

A limited edition version of the Vorzakh set exclusive to Target stores was later released, including a Disk of Time rather than a Le-Metru Kanoka Disk, as well as a gold Kanohi Vahi.


A Vorzakh set
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