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  • It's a gun, you should run.

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User Status Winning
BZPower Username GasMask
BZPower Status Available
Location Somewhere
Gender Male
Favorite Set Fero & Skirmix

About Me

  • The Begining

I first noticed bionicle in 2001 when I recived Gali as a present. I became slightly interested as I saw that you could buy Kopaka and Lewa to make a Toa Kaita. After I got them for Christmas, I pretty much quit Bionicle for 2002. During late 2003, I became interested again, during the rise of the Rahkshi. As the years went by I went more and more into Bionicle. After we moved in 2005 I settled down a bit.(Partly because I wanted a ton of Episode III Lego Star Wars sets) Then, in December 2005, I went NUTS over Bionicle. I was obsessed, and have gone to 2 events where I met Greg Farshtey, and had lots of stuff signed by him. My obsession has gone down a little since November 24th. I am currently trying to finish off my 2008-2009 collection, and get a few books I don't have. After that, I'll get some old sets off friends, probably still follow the story, and save up my money, maybe buying a few Lego Star Wars sets.

  • Why BS01?

When I fist saw BS01 I thought it was great to have a Wiki dedecated to Bionicle. A few years later, I wanted to become a member, seeing as I knew a bunch of stuff revealed by Greg. Then, one of my friends became a member and gave the account to me, because he never used it. The name he chose was "Hewkii 522". Hewkii is awesome, so I was fine with this choice.(Although "Gas Mask" would be an awesomesauce name!)

  • What I do

I just edit around, finding flaws and fixing them.

  • My Big Edits

Yay! My first big(ish) edit! BIONICLE: Desert of Danger (I started the page)

Favorite Sets

  • Toa Mata Gali
  • Toa Mata Lewa
  • Toa Mata Kopaka
  • Toa Mata Onua
  • Takanuva (first two forms)
  • Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo
  • Ehlek
  • Toa Mahri Jaller
  • Solek
  • Krika
  • Tarduk
  • Fero & Skirmix

Sets I want

  • Click
  • Another Toa Kopaka to go with the yellow Jetrax T6


  • Bionicle
  • Lego
  • Star Wars
  • Firearms(Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Grenades/Launchers, SMGs, LMGs, MMGs, HMGs and GPMGs)
  • Money
  • Breakfast Cereal
  • Tacos, nachos, tortillas quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos.
  • and Music (The Offspring, Green Day, Linkin Park, Hoobastank, blink-182, Foo Fighters, and a bunch of others.)


  • Detention, Not getting the Rahi, more Bohrok-Kal, Titans '02, more Matoran '03, and monkeys.

Current Things

  • user name: Organs
  • user name: jackman10
  • user name: Hewkii522
  • user name: GasMask
  • I am fluent in the written Matoran language/number system!
  • Finally, after months of waiting, constant pestering, and hours of time, I now have EVERY song by The Offspring. This does not include live versions, remixes, or stuff that has nothing to do with actual songs. It does include released/leaked instrumental versions, demos, and rare bonus songs.


All out of 20


Books, Comics, and stuff



  • Kalmah Shirt signed by Greg
  • Toa Nuva Shirt signed by Greg











  • I currently have 197.5 Bionicles.