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"Tahu! Gali! Kopaka! Onua! Pohatu! Lewa! These six heroes are united by destiny to save the universe from the threat of the Brotherhood of Makuta and awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui! Together, they are the Toa Nuva!"
— Narrator

BIONICLE Ignition 12: Realm of Fear
Outside/alternate title Comic 7[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Leigh Gallagher

"Realm of Fear" is issue #12 of the BIONICLE Ignition series of comic books and the first in its "Battle for Power" story arc. The issue was included alongside the March/April 2008 issue of LEGO Magazine and was released on, where it was listed as Comic 7.[1]

Plot Summary

After having their friends turned into Shadow Matoran, the remaining Av-Matoran made a last-ditch strike. Tanma, Solek, and Photok help lead the struggle against the blinded Makuta. As Photok suggests fleeing, Solek rebukes him, saying that real heroes would not escape. Tanma, annoyed, mentions that there are not any Toa around, and they are on their own. Quickly, he mentions that they will be defeated unless they get a move on. As the Makuta close in with their Shadow Matoran riders, Vamprah unleashes Shadow Leeches. As one falls towards Tanma, he makes a defense and fries the attacking leeches with his Power Swords As the Makuta close in on their targets, the Toa Nuva suddenly appear in front of the fleeing Matoran. Not waiting for answers, they dive into battle, and Lewa nearly has his light drained in an attempt to catch a Shadow Leech. Thanks to the timely actions of Tanma, Lewa is saved, and Tanma 'teams up' with him. Lewa's mind is then flooded with Tanma's memories, witnessing the history of Karda Nui.

Lewa sees the great earthquake that strikes Karda Nui, causing the massive stalactites on the ceiling of the cave to break off, and impale the ground. The Av-Matoran then built settlements on the stalactites, making the best of their lives. They live in peace for quite a while, until the Makuta arrive in Karda Nui and begin draining the light of the Matoran. Gavla is the first to have her light drained, becoming an ally of the Makuta. Many more of the Matoran of Light would follow.

At that point, Lewa snaps out of the memories, and returns to the battle. Meanwhile, Kopaka and Pohatu travel around, and test their Midak Skyblasters by accident. The spheres of light strike Antroz, causing the Makuta to retreat. The Toa Nuva and Matoran return to a cave bunker and they are filled in as to what has been going on. The Toa Nuva make a plan; Kopaka, Lewa and Pohatu stay in the skies to protect the remaining Matoran village and their three other teammates head to the swamp, to search for the Mask of Life.

Meanwhile, the Makuta conference in their lair. Arguing, Chirox believes that their mission to infect the Matoran is a waste of time and wonders if their leader has sent them there to be killed, while Vamprah returns that the drained Matoran could become Toa of Shadow for them. After a short discussion, their meeting ends, and they put into action a new plan.

Back at the Matoran Village, Pohatu and Photok talk, in the safety of the Lightvines. Noticing something, Photok sees his former friend, Radiak, coming towards them, claiming to be hurt, but with the Brotherhood of Makuta's plans with him. As Pohatu goes forward to him, Antroz comes out of hiding and ambushes him, along with the other Makuta. Photok is hurt, and Pohatu retaliates, charging into the Makuta. As Chirox summons a Shadow Hand and throws Pohatu into the ground, Kopaka and Lewa arrive on the scene. A battle ensues, during which Kopaka's energy is drained by Vamprah's Avsa. Outnumbered, Lewa faces the three Makuta, who order him to tell them where the other Toa have gone. Lewa refuses and summons a mighty gust to blow them away. Lewa and Tanma then escape, in efforts of finding the other Toa Nuva.

Back at the fortress on Destral, Icarax ponders Antroz's request for help and his own ambition to lead the Brotherhood. As Icarax soliloquizes, he picks up his blades, and prepares to fly to Karda Nui, and annihilate the Toa Nuva.

In the Swamp of Secrets, the Ignika lay where it had fallen after being used by Matoro. It sensed beings of power, evil beings, searching for it. Instead of creating guardians for itself, the mask decides to use the sea particles to create itself a new body and vehicle, to fly out the swamp, so that it can experience life and being a hero. Splashing out of the water, the Toa Ignika flies to the skies of Karda Nui, to aid the Toa Nuva in this mighty struggle.



  • This was the first BIONICLE comic illustrated by Leigh Gallagher.
  • This comic was also released with the Australian monthly K-Zone issue for Australia and New Zealand.
  • The section of the comic where Lewa gets close to capturing a Shadow Leech for Kopaka to study is a reference to his misfortune with Infected Kanohi and krana.[2]
  • A printing error with the speech bubbles in the comic made it seem like Vamprah was talking instead of Antroz. Greg Farshtey confirmed that as a printing error,[3] which is supported by Shadows in the Sky, where Antroz has the same dialogue.[4]


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