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"Obedience is happiness."
— Narrator, Vahki Online Animations

Animation Keerakh.png
Assigned Metru Ko-Metru
Tools Staff of Confusion
Status Inactive
Pronunciation Key-RAHK
Set number 8619

The Keerakh were the Vahki of Ko-Metru.


Vahki Keerakh climbing a Knowledge Tower

Keerakh were constructed by the Engineer Nuparu with the purpose of enforcing law in Metru Nui with the other types of Vahki. They were given orders by Turaga Dume.

When Toa Metru Nuju and Whenua, along with Ehrye and Tehutti, journeyed to Ko-Metru, they encountered a group of Keerakh. Tehutti was struck by one of the Keerakh's staffs, causing him to lose all sense of time and space, and thus the Toa left the two Matoran behind as they searched for the Ko-Metru Great Disk. On their quest, they encountered three Keerakh, who had predicted the Toa's paths and got there before them. Nuju used Whenua as bait, luring the Keerakh over, and then froze them to form a bridge. After crossing it, more Keerakh arrived and some gave chase after the Toa while some remained behind to destroy the bridge.

Instead of fighting, however, Nuju used the Keerakh's predicting abilities to his advantage. He knew that the Keerakh were after them, and since the Toa were headed for the Great Disk, the Vahki would go straight there. So, he followed the squad "chasing" them, and the Keerakh led them straight to the Knowledge Tower where the Great Disk was hidden.

Some Keerakh were in Ta-Metru when the Toa Metru and six Matoran went to search for the Morbuzakh. Onewa spotted them, and led the other eleven into an abandoned forge to avoid them.

Many Keerakh were destroyed in the Great Cataclysm.

After the Visorak had taken over Metru Nui, and the Toa Metru returned to the city to rescue the Matoran, the group of Toa encountered three Keerakh alongside three Nuurakh. Matau attempted to deceive them by using his Kanohi Mahiki to disguise himself as a Rorzakh, and then weaved a story stating that the Toa had escaped to Ta-Metru. However, the group of Vahki saw Matau as a malfunctioning unit for letting the Toa "escape", and prepared to assault Matau. However, the group of Vahki were suddenly distracted by an attack from a Visorak, which used its Rhotuka to shred their tools in half. Matau, using the distraction, escaped the scene. The Visorak went on to destroy any remaining Keerakh.[1]

Abilities and Traits

A Keerakh in the Vahki Promo Animation

Keerakh were masters of strategy and tactics. Created for a Metru dedicated to telling the future, they quickly developed a talent for figuring out where a fleeing Matoran or Rahi was going and then getting there first. Very few Ko-Matoran ever saw the Keerakh, except for those who broke the law and were apprehended, earning them the "phantom Vahki" moniker. These Vahki tended to be spotted out of the corner of the eye, flitting by like a ghost, ever present but never seen or heard.[VOA] This made them a perfect fit for a Metru that valued silence.


Keerakh were outfitted with Staffs of Confusion, as well as Kanoka disks and Disk Launchers.

Set Information

8619 Keerakh was released as a set in the summer of 2004 with thirty-three pieces, including a Ko-Metru Kanoka disk. It can be combined with Bordakh and Zadakh to form a Kraahu.

Later, a limited edition Keerakh set was released in Target stores. This version included a Disk of Time and Kanohi Vahi rather than the Ko-Metru Kanoka Disk.


A Keerakh set
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