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"Pride in the elite."
— Narrator, Vahki Online Animations

Animation Bordakh.png
Assigned Metru Ga-Metru
Tools Staff of Loyalty
Status Inactive
Pronunciation bore-DOCK[1]
Set number 8615

The Bordakh were the Vahki of Ga-Metru.


A Vahki Bordakh firing a Kanoka in the Vahki Promo Animation

The Bordakh and other Vahki were built by Nuparu to be successors to the Kralhi as law enforcers on Metru Nui, as ordered by Turaga Dume.

When Toa Metru Nokama went to Vhisola's house to search for the missing Matoran, a Ga-Matoran informed a squad of Bordakh about the mysterious Toa, and the Bordakh decided to capture her to determine whether she was a friend or foe. Nokama evaded them, but returned later to find the squad still standing outside Vhisola's house. The Toa of Water used a stream of water as a distraction, and managed to get into the house without alerting the Vahki.

Matau, Orkahm, and Vhisola, who were at the Great Temple while Nokama dove in the Silver Sea to get the Ga-Metru Great Disk, were attacked by Bordakh guarding the temple after the Toa Tools inside had gone missing. However, the Vahki were defeated after the Dweller in the Deep crashed into them while chasing Nokama, who had retrieved the Great Disk from the creature's mouth.

Vakama, Onewa, Nuhrii and Ahkmou later encountered the Bordakh as well while journeying to the Great Temple. The group used Nuhrii to distract them, having the Matoran tell the Vahki that the Toa Metru were elsewhere causing trouble.

Bordakh wait to attack the Toa Metru

The Bordakh encountered the Toa yet again, though this time the Toa were fleeing from the Coliseum and boarded a Chute to Ga-Metru. The Bordakh realized that the Toa had left the Coliseum, and cornered the Toa on top of a Chute support tower. A Bordakh used its powers on Nokama, turning her into a tool of the Vahki. The enslaved Nokama then pushed Vakama off the tower, but Vakama was able to fly back up using his disk launcher's powers. The Toa of Fire then fired two Kanoka disks of Shrinking at the Vahki below and defeated the Bordakh.

All the Bordakh were later destroyed by a combination of the Great Cataclysm and by the Visorak swarm.[2]

Abilities and Traits

The Bordakh were tactically the most cunning of the Vahki. They preferred to complete their object while minimizing risk, but they did enjoy the chase. When Matoran talked about Vahki and their love for the chase, they were usually speaking of Bordakh. These Ga-Metru Vahki loved pursuit so much they would sometimes give an offender a head start just to make things more interesting. An old Matoran saying went, "Bordakh like things that run". Bordakh worked in small, highly mobile squads,[VOA] since having too many involved in a chase took all the fun out of it. Bordakh were even known to let a captured offender escape just so they could pursue him or her again.

Bordakh were the only Vahki with any real skill underwater, but even so, they preferred to stay on dry land.


Bordakh were outfitted with Staffs of Loyalty. Lawbreakers in Ga-Metru knew that anyone they saw could be working for the Vahki due to the effect of the staffs. They also had Kanoka launchers built into their heads.

Set Information

Bordakh in set form

8615 Bordakh, along with the other five Vahki, was released as a set in 2004. The set contained thirty-three pieces, including a Ga-Metru Kanoka, and could be combined with Zadakh and Keerakh to create a Kraahu.

A special edition Bordakh set was released later that year. This version included a Disk of Time rather than the standard Ga-Metru Kanoka Disk, as well as a Kanohi Vahi.


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