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"Might makes right."
— Narrator, Vahki Online Animations

Animation Zadakh.png
Assigned Metru Po-Metru
Tools Staff of Suggestion
Status Inactive
Pronunciation ZAY-dahk
Set number 8617

The Zadakh were the Vahki of Po-Metru.


A Zadakh guarding Turaga Dume

Zadakh were designed and built by Nuparu along with the other types of Vahki, to replace the unsuccessful Kralhi as Metru Nui's robotic law enforcers, operating under commands given by Turaga Dume. Three Zadakh squads were called in when a lone Rahkshi attacked. Despite having far superior numbers, the Vahki were successful only in driving the Rahkshi away.

Several Zadakh were seen guarding Dume when Nivawk arrived to give details of Nidhiki and Krekka's fight with three of the Toa Metru in an Airship.

The Zadakh were used to defend the Prison of the Dark Hunters. Toa Metru Vakama, Nokama and Matau encountered the army of Zadakh while attempting to rescue Lhikan and their other comrades, Whenua, Nuju and Onewa, who were imprisoned there. The Toa fought against the Vahki with a herd of Kikanalo, during which Nokama and her Kikanalo steed tricked a large group of Vahki into falling off a cliff, and Vakama and his group of Kikanalo defeated the Vahki using the Rahi's powerful sonic roar. When Teridax overloaded the power grid in the Great Cataclysm, many Zadakh were destroyed.

Later, after the Visorak invasion, a group of four Zadakh journeyed to Ta-Metru. Despite being the enforcers of Po-Metru, the effects of the Visorak invasion, Great Cataclysm and destruction of many Vahki caused the Zadakh to expand their range of enforcement. The small group of Zadakh encountered the Visorak, and three of them were quickly defeated by the Boggarak. The remaining Vahki, the group leader, decided to flee and return to the Vahki Hives in order to ask for re-enforcements. The Vahki, however, was accidentally destroyed by the Tahtorak as it journeyed through the city.

All other remaining Zadakh were destroyed by the Visorak swarms.[1]

Abilities and Traits

A Zadakh as seen in Legends of Metru Nui

Zadakh were ideally suited for open spaces, as they were fastest when running in a straight line, and did not handle changes of direction well.[VOA] Of all the Vahki, Zadakh used their staffs the least. Where Bordakh loved to chase, Zadakh loved to fight, usually being the first into combat and the last left standing, which was aided by the fact that they were also physically the strongest of the Vahki. This often lead them to ignore Matoran violations of the law (since fighting with a Matoran was no challenge), and instead focus more on situations involving Rahi. While they would act if the Matoran action was serious enough or if they had orders to guard a site, their preference was always clear.

Zadakh, along with Rorzakh, acted as guards for the Coliseum's storage room.


Zadakh were equipped with Staffs of Suggestion, and also featured Disk Launchers built into their heads.

Set Information

The Zadakh set

8617 Zadakh, along with the other five Vahki, was released as a set in 2004. The set contained thirty-three pieces, including a Po-Metru Kanoka and could be combined with Bordakh and Keerakh to create Kraahu.

A limited edition Zadakh set was later released at Target stores. This version included a Disk of Time rather than a Po-Metru Kanoka Disk, as well as a gold Kanohi Vahi.



A Vahki Zadakh in the Vahki Commercial
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