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"Unstable, yes; violent, unquestionably; insane, without a doubt. But those are just the sort of qualities I look for in a Dark Hunter."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

Dark Hunter Prototype.png
Dark Hunter
Powers Limited power over Fire and Earth
Near invulnerability
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Claws
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

"Prototype" is a Dark Hunter.


Many years before the Great Cataclysm, a Dark Hunter discovered the Spear of Fusion. Deciding to test it out, he found a pair of Toa, one of Earth and one of Fire, and used it on them just when they were combining. Instead of killing them, it fused them together permanently, driving them mad. The creature went on a massive rampage and then disappeared.

Several centuries later, a group of Dark Hunters found it in a swamp. Its life force had somehow become tied to its armor, which was damaged, so the Dark Hunters repaired it and brought it back to the Shadowed One, who quickly convinced the mad, violent creature to join them, naming it "Prototype".[1]

Prototype served as a guard for the Shadowed One's fortress. However, during the Piraka's failed rebellion, Prototype was easily tricked by Vezok, who made him desert his post by telling him that Zaktan was a traitor and that Prototype needed to go to the other end of the island to warn the Shadowed One of his treachery.[2]

Following the events of the Battle of Bara Magna, Prototype migrated from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.[OGDi: Apr 4 2010, 12:11 PM][OGDi: Apr 7 2010, 01:19 PM]

Abilities and Traits

Prototype retains some power over Earth and Fire. Over the years, his organic parts have almost completely disappeared, making him more machine than creature. As such, his armor is incredibly tough in addition to holding his life force, and so it takes a massive amount of power to damage it. The Shadowed One uses him as a practice target when he is not on an assignment: if a novice Dark Hunter survives his/her encounter with him, they are allowed to start working.[1]

Mask and Tools

When Prototype's component Toa were fused together, their masks combined into a third Kanohi.[3][citation needed]

Prototype has massive claws on his feet and hands.


"Stupid. Bright lights don't bother me. Nothing bothers me."
— Prototype, Legacy of Evil