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"'Silence' is no common thief or enforcer. He is a highly talented operative whose job is the abduction of Toa, Turaga, or Brotherhood of Makuta members who may pose a threat to the Dark Hunters."
— Narrator, LEGO Brickmaster Magazine May–June 2006

Dark Hunter
Powers Sound-dampening field
Tools Double-edged blades
Kanoka Launcher
Freeze disks
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

"Silence" is a Dark Hunter that specializes in abductions.


Prior to the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War that began 1,001 years ago, Silence was found by Roodaka, who mutated him into his current appearance. She then presented him as a gift to the Dark Hunters, who took him in and trained him.[1]

Silence specialized in fast, clean, and quiet captures of many beings, including Toa, Turaga, as well as Brotherhood of Makuta agents. He would use his powers to easily slip into well-guarded fortresses and islands, and escape with his victim swiftly. He maintained his stealthy ways on Odina, and none of the other Dark Hunters knew where his place of residence was.[1]

After the Matoran Universe was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Silence immigrated to Spherus Magna.[2][3]

Abilities and Traits

Silence has a natural ability to create a field around him that deadens sound, which is what allows him to move so stealthily. The field extends approximately three feet (0.91 meters or 0.66 bio) around his body, letting him grab and capture targets without having them making a sound.


Silence bears very heavy armor, and is armed with double-edged blades on his forearms and a Kanoka Launcher equipped with freeze disks, making for an even stealthier escape.


The original contest entry by Locutus of Bohrok
  • Silence was created by David Daut, also known as BZPower member Locutus of Bohrok, sent into the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Challenge, was given a storyline role by Greg Farshtey and featured in the LEGO Brickmaster magazine.
  • The LEGO Group assembled Silence incorrectly for the magazine photo, as the model's chest armor is missing, the launcher is assembled differently, and the eye stalk color is orange instead of yellow.





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