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"To hear this Dark Hunter tell it, he is one of the most powerful beings in existence after Mata Nui. The strength of five Toa courses through his veins, he can breathe fire, create earthquakes, turn his body into living lava, and even summon dead - or so he says."
— Narrator, LEGO Brickmaster Magazine, May–June 2007

Dark Hunter
Powers Sand transmutation
Tools None
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

"Devastator" is a tall and intimidating Dark Hunter.


Devastator originated from the realm of Karzahni, and is reported to have emerged from a fiery crag in the barren landscape of the island. Because of his shadowy home, he quickly embraced his dark side, and used his powers to destroy anything that caught his attention.[1]

He was later recruited into the Dark Hunters and given the codename "Devastator". As a result of his destructive nature, stealth missions that he was assigned to usually ended up in chaos.[1]

On one particular mission, Devastator was sent to work with fellow Dark Hunters Gladiator and Triglax in order to retrieve the legendary Nui Stone, in the possession of Toa Mangai Tuyet, who was stationed on Metru Nui. While Tuyet framed the Dark Hunters for the murders she committed, the other Toa Mangai fought the Dark Hunters. After a battle with Toa Nidhiki, he was defeated and soon returned to Odina.[2]

Devastator at one point went to an island close to Odina to collect a payment owed by the island's inhabitants.[1]

After the Great Spirit Robot was rendered uninhabitable due to damage sustained in a battle, Devastator, along with the surviving residents of the Matoran Universe, relocated to Spherus Magna, which had been reformed by Mata Nui.[3][4]

Abilities and Traits

Devastator has the ability to transmute his body to particles of sand and disappear into the ground to ambush his adversaries or escape. He has a tendency to rain boulders on a target with his mind before attacking, evidence of apparent telekinetic powers.

Devastator is very self-confident and pompous, describing himself as one of the most powerful beings in existence after the Great Spirit Mata Nui. He claims to have an endless list of powers, including the strength of five Toa and the abilities to breathe fire, turn his body into living lava, and summon the dead. However, there is no evidence to support the existence of any of the aforementioned powers.



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