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"Welcome to Artidax."
“Hope we survive our stay."
"Well, if we don’t, who knows? The world might be better off without us.
Brutaka and Vezon, Federation of Fear

Federation of Fear

Six of the seven members
Headquarters Boat
Leader Brutaka
Goals Rescue Makuta Miserix from Artidax
Allies Order of Mata Nui
Ehlek's species
Enemies Zyglak (formerly)
Tren Krom
Status Disbanded

The "Federation of Fear" was a group of expendable entities gathered by the Order of Mata Nui to release Makuta Miserix from his imprisonment on the island of Artidax.


In preparation for its upcoming war with the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Order sought to ally with as many of the Brotherhood's enemies as possible. This included Miserix, former leader of the Brotherhood, whom they knew to have been imprisoned on Artidax by Makuta Krika. As the voyage would involve many deadly obstacles, the Order selected five expendable prisoners: Makuta Spiriah, Barraki Takadox and Carapar, Vezon, and Roodaka. All of these prisoners had interacted with the Brotherhood in the past, save for Vezon, who was chosen specifically because the Brotherhood did not know of his existence. They also hired Lariska, one of the most skilled Dark Hunters, to tail the rest of the members after they were dispatched on the mission.[1] The five prisoners were moved to a cell in the Daxia Fortress, where disgraced Order member Brutaka met them and informed them that they would be carrying out a mission for the Order; the mission was assigned to Brutaka as a chance at redemption, and to rejoin the ranks of the Order of Mata Nui.[2]

The group first made its way to Stelt to acquire a boat. During this time, Spiriah deduced their destination and sent a message through contacts on Stelt to a fleet of Zyglak. The group was not supplied with any currency; instead, Brutaka offered Roodaka to a Steltian trader in exchange for the boat, capitalizing on her poor reputation on Stelt. While Brutaka negotiated with the trader, he sent Takadox to dispose of the boat's crew. Brutaka tricked the trader into accepting a punch from Vezon to validate his story of having captured Roodaka, then knocked him out with a much harder blow himself. The group then boarded the boat and departed from Stelt.[3] Lariska was instructed to follow the group in case of emergency.[1]

After three days at sea, Brutaka revealed the team's true mission, and reminded them that if they tried to desert the mission, his colleagues would mercilessly dispose of them. Spiriah's Zyglak fleet then arrived, and Spiriah used his Weather Control power to trap the boat while the fleet surrounded them. He then took command of the vessel, setting a new course for Zakaz, where he intended to take revenge on the Skakdi.[4]

Three days later, the boat neared Zakaz, and the Zyglak fleet crushed the Dark Hunters stationed around the island. However, the Order's underwater allies suddenly attacked and massacred the Zyglak, and Brutaka overpowered Spiriah. Lariska then arrived, and Brutaka introduced her to the group.[1]

Botar and Trinuma had previously been stationed to arm the team on a small, wooded island to the south. However, Makuta Icarax attacked and killed Botar, and Trinuma fled, depositing the weapons cache on the nearest island he came to; unbeknownst to him and the team, this was the island housing the ancient creature Tren Krom. After the group armed themselves on the island, walls of rock cut the team off from their boat, and Brutaka was dragged into a cavern by a tentacle.[5] The rest of the group soon followed to find him in the grip of Tren Krom, who intended to glean knowledge from their minds. While Brutaka attempted to free himself, Tren Krom seized Lariska and read her memories, causing her to faint from shock. Carapar then began to attack Tren Krom, but was instantly disintegrated. Disgusted with the state of the universe as he had learned it, Tren Krom released Brutaka and condemned the team to live out their lives. The group gathered up Brutaka and Lariska and fled the island on their boat.[6]

Many days later, the group arrived on Artidax. When Spiriah set foot on the sands, they attacked him, though Roodaka used her Rhotuka to mutate the sand into fireflyers to save him. The team realized that Krika had set up defenses to guard against a Makuta, and Lariska suggested using Spiriah as a bait to set off any traps that might lie ahead. Brutaka convinced Spiriah to accept this duty, and the group proceeded up the slope of a volcano to a tunnel. Vezon pointed out a tripwire at the tunnel's threshold, and the group carefully crossed—except for Takadox, who cut the rope and triggered a rockfall, burying the rest of the group inside.[7] He then returned to the shore and departed Artidax in the team's boat.[8]

Vezon also attempted to flee, but was caught by Lariska, and the group proceeded to a bridge spanning a vast chasm. While the rest of the team bickered, Vezon noticed that what had been thought to be dead branches below were, in fact, monstrous Rahi insects, which were beginning to stir.[9] Spiriah's Insect Control power failed, as the Rahi were already under the control of Miserix. Roodaka then mutated an insect into something entirely different, which caused the swarm to turn on it. Using this power, she created a path through the insects, and the group rushed across the bridge.

In the next chamber, they found the imprisoned Miserix, chained and surrounded by klakk.[10] Miserix demanded Spiriah come forth, and absorbed him with his Shadow Hand. Brutaka offered Miserix a chance to strike back at the rest of the Brotherhood, and Miserix accepted. Brutaka and Roodaka then broke Miserix's chains, while Vezon and Lariska fended off the klakk; Miserix then felled the klakk (and Vezon and Lariska) with a power scream. Roodaka attempted to make an alliance with Miserix, but he refused her immediately. Brutaka gathered up Vezon, Lariska, and Roodaka and loaded them onto Miserix's back. Miserix then blasted a hole in the cavern's wall and sprouted wings in order to depart the island.[8]

Brutaka directed Miserix to a barren island, where they stopped for a time.[11] En route, Miserix became frustrated with Vezon and performed an aerial loop, throwing Vezon into the Silver Sea. However, the team retrieved him before they continued on their way.[12]

The team arrived on Daxia while the Order was preparing for war. Vezon and Roodaka were immediately disarmed and returned to their cells, and Lariska collected her payment and left to rejoin the Dark Hunters. Brutaka was returned to full member status in the Order for his deeds, and Miserix was released to wreak havoc on the Brotherhood.[11]


The group was made up of five prisoners, a probationary member of the Order, and a hired Dark Hunter. Each was selected because they had experience with the Brotherhood of Makuta (except Vezon) and were considered expendable.

  • Brutaka - Strict and powerful leader of the team, and the only member of the Order of Mata Nui among them
  • Carapar - One of the Barraki warlords recaptured by Hydraxon; slain attempting to kill Tren Krom
  • Lariska - A Dark Hunter hired to assist the team and follow behind in case of emergency
  • Roodaka - A traitorous and deceptive Vortixx; tried to betray the team and ally herself with both Spiriah and Miserix, but was refused each time
  • Spiriah - A Makuta who was exiled from the Brotherhood after mutating the Skakdi race; temporarily usurped command from Brutaka, and was later killed by Miserix
  • Takadox - The Barraki who betrayed his allies to the Brotherhood of Makuta; deserted the team on Artidax
  • Vezon - Half of a Skakdi, split from Vezok


As most of its members did not hold any particular reverence or respect for the Order or its causes, there was a frequent amount of infighting within the group. Brutaka frequently had to assert his authority and dominance over the others, often through threats of physical injury or death, such as when he threatened to banish Spiriah to a dimension of light. Betrayals and desertions were commonly attempted and, in the case of Takadox, successful. Ultimately, the only reason the group stayed together was out of a shared desire for survival and the tangible threat of punishment by the Order.


"And before you ask, you were all chosen for this trip for one very good reason: You’re expendable. No one is going to care if any of you live or die, which makes you ideal for this job."
Brutaka to the team, Federation of Fear

"No Carapar, no Takadox. Who will go next? Spiriah the Sullen? Brutaka the Boorish? Vezon the Vanquisher? Or Lariska -- ... Or Lariska, the wise, wonderful, and gloriously homicidal."
Vezon, Federation of Fear



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