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Tren Krom's Island

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"I followed a trail of half-remembered stories told by the mad until I reached the shore of an island whose shores had not welcomed a visitor in millennia."
Makuta Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

Tren Krom's Island
Tren Krom's island.png
Status Dismantled
Inhabitants Tren Krom (formerly)
Population None
Position South of Artakha
Pronunciation TREN KHROM

Tren Krom's Island is an island in the Matoran Universe and the former home of the powerful being Tren Krom.


The island was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe.

Shortly before the Great Spirit Mata Nui was awakened for the first time, an Av-Matoran builder informed Tren Krom that he was being displaced from Karda Nui and would be relocated to another island in the Matoran Universe. The Great Beings fused Tren Krom with the island itself, giving him full control over it, but also imprisoning him on it. Tren Krom dwelt in a cave on the island.[FoF]

During an expedition organized by the Brotherhood of Makuta to assess Tren Krom's power, Makuta Mutran traveled to the island and encountered the powerful being. After Tren Krom and Mutran established a mind link, Mutran was knocked unconscious and later awoke on the shores of the island, having learned the secrets of the Matoran Universe's workings.[TMC]

Later, Order of Mata Nui member Trinuma dropped off a cache of weapons intended for the team Brutaka was leading to free Makuta Miserix on the island. Brutaka and the team traveled here, but were imprisoned by a 200-foot high stone wall which appeared around the island. Inside the island's cave, the team came face to face with Tren Krom, who informed them of his history and killed Barraki Carapar. He allowed them to depart the island, stating that their world was already too destroyed to continue to care about fixing.[FoF]

After Makuta Teridax's plan to conquer the Matoran Universe was completed, Toa Nuva Lewa was teleported to the island by Artakha to attempt to convince Tren Krom to join the resistance efforts. After considering the matter and hearing from Lewa that he would do anything to stop Teridax, Tren Krom swapped bodies with him, leaving Lewa trapped in his body on the island. Eventually, Tren Krom was forced to return to his body.[RoS]

In the Battle of Bara Magna, Teridax was killed, and the Matoran Universe was rendered uninhabitable. Velika, a Great Being disguised as a Po-Matoran, released Tren Krom from the island, and he departed for Spherus Magna.[1] The Order of Mata Nui sent agents to retrieve Tren Krom from the island, but found it abandoned. Later, the island, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled.[OGQ: Dec 13 2010, 04:34 PM][2]


The island is little more than a piece of barren rock. However, Tren Krom had the ability to manipulate the rock to suit his own purposes, such as creating a wall around the island, or closing off the cave in which he dwelt to outside travelers.

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