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"For now, I tolerate him because he is extremely effective. But should I tire of his eccentricities, his existence will come to an abrupt end."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

Dark Hunter Primal.png
Dark Hunter
Powers None
Tools Spear
Paralysis device
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

"Primal" is a strong-willed and troublesome Dark Hunter.


Primal hails from a tribe whose land was ravaged by the Visorak; Primal led a small band of survivors against the spider-like Rahi. The Shadowed One later recruited the warriors of the band, and then betrayed the location of the remainder of the group to the Visorak.

Primal initially refused all of the biomechanical implants offered by the Hunters, save a small paralysis device placed under his skin. After a short time, he began to refuse missions which did not guarantee good trophies. His strong sense of justice occasionally caused him to hunt his clients rather than his targets or to kill the Dark Hunters assigned as his partners. As such, the Shadowed One stopped sending him on missions with partners.[1]

The Order of Mata Nui soon came out of hiding and allied with the Dark Hunters in its war against the Brotherhood. The Dark Hunters, Primal included, assembled a fleet and sailed to Xia, which they occupied.[DID, Ch. 2]

After the Matoran Universe was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Primal immigrated to Spherus Magna.[OGDi: Apr 4 2010, 12:11 PM][OGDi: Apr 7 2010, 01:19 PM]

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, Primal was one of three known Dark Hunters that were part of a resistance group attempting to eliminate Toa Tuyet. During the battle outside the Coliseum, Primal killed Tahu, but was drowned by Gali, who created an impenetrable sphere of water around his head.[DM, Ch. 8]

Abilities and Traits

Primal has a great amount of knowledge, and possesses great agility and strength. Primal's sense of morality is less corrupt than most of the other Hunters, although he still often attacks comrades who lack his perception of it. Like Gatherer, he loves to collect trophies from his hunts.[1]


Primal carries a spear and a device that causes paralysis, which he only uses in desperate situations.[1]

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