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"There is nothing quite as magical as friendship, or so I have been told. It can make one being risk everything and take foolish chances with little hope of reward. It can also make someone incredibly easy to manipulate. Mimic is an example of the latter."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

Dark Hunter Mimic.png
Dark Hunter
Powers Photographic reflexes
Tools Sword
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

"Mimic" is a Dark Hunter with the ability to imitate others.


Mimic spent most of his life with a female companion from his native island. Their home was struck by a natural disaster long ago, following which the two worked together to survive. One day, Mimic learned of his power, a useful talent that let him duplicate any feat he saw. Shortly after this, his companion disappeared.

Mimic searched desperately for her for a long time, until he was approached by the Shadowed One, who told him that if he joined the Dark Hunters, he could use other Dark Hunters' help in search for his companion. Mimic agreed quickly, and has served ever since. The Shadowed One always sent Mimic on missions far away from Odina to prevent him from discovering his companion, who was held captive within the dungeons of the island.[1]

After the Matoran Universe was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Mimic immigrated to Spherus Magna.[2][3]

Abilities and Traits

Mimic has photographic reflexes; if he watches a being doing any kind of physical feat, he can replicate it, perfectly, instantly, and without practice.

Mimic is devoted to his companion. His desperation to find her is his primary motivation for the tasks he commits as a Dark Hunter.[1]


Mimic carries a sword, which he uses to replicate physical feats involving a weapon.[1]