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"The Shadowed One lightly tapped a crystal that hung suspended by his throne. In response, the dark, twisted creature that served as his Recorder crawled into the chamber and took up a position beside his master."
— Narrator, Time Trap

The Recorder
Dark Hunter
Powers Unknown
Tools Tablet
Status Alive

"The Recorder" is the twisted record keeper of the Dark Hunters.


The Recorder was assigned to accompany the Shadowed One, and record everything he says and does. He is summoned by the tapping of a crystal that hangs near the Shadowed One's throne.[1]

The Recorder kept track of what the Shadowed One said and ordered when Lurker and Gatherer captured Norik and Varian.[2]

The Shadowed One was once recounting tales to the Recorder, who accidentally commented that the Shadowed One was only second to Teridax. The leader of the Hunters threw the Recorder across the room in anger. The Recorder also kept track of the dealings that took place under Lariska's command during the brief absence of the Shadowed One, who was traveling to Metru Nui with Sentrakh to investigate the deaths of Nidhiki and Krekka.[1]

When the Matoran Universe was destroyed, the Recorder evacuated onto Spherus Magna.[3][4]


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