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Kelly McKiernan
Job Head of Web Team
No longer affiliated with BIONICLE
Department Web Department

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Kelly McKiernan is most well-known in the BIONICLE fanbase as the former BZPower administrator Binkmeister, also known as biobinky on


McKiernan was the grand prize winner of the 2001 "Build your own BIONICLE Website Contest" in the category for entrants ages 13 and over with his "Expedition One to Mata Nui" webpage. Using a web kit provided on, he produced fictitious reports of a non-canon scenario in which human scientists discovered the island of Mata Nui off the coast of Chile. One of the prizes he earned for winning this contest was a fourteen karat gold Kanohi Hau.

Later on, McKiernan was chosen as the head of the web department for and after Leah Weston Kaae left for maternity leave in 2007. His original contract was for just one year, August 2007 to August 2008, but was extended each year, into 2010. Kaae eventually returned, and the two worked closely together on several projects. As of 2014, McKiernan is no longer employed by LEGO.[1]



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