Staffs of Power

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Staffs of Power
Rahkshi Promo Comic 5.png
A Kurahk using its Staff of Anger on the Toa Nuva
Users Rahkshi
Function Focus, maintain, and direct the user's powers
Melee combat
Status In use

Staffs of Power[1] are tools wielded by Rahkshi. The staffs, while powerless themselves, allow Rahkshi to focus and direct their powers; Rahkshi have difficulty doing so otherwise.[2][3][4][5] Rahkshi variants that do not typically channel their powers through their staffs, such as Rahkshi of Heat Vision or Limited Invulnerability, still wield Staffs of Power to focus and maintain their powers.[6][7] The staffs also enhance Rahkshi's natural ability to fly.[8][9][10]

Although wild Rahkshi generally use Staffs of Power, the Rahkshi put on display in the Archives were stripped of their tools to make them less dangerous.[11][12]

List of Staffs

The following Staffs of Power have appeared in story.

Name Picture User
Staff of Fear[13] Staff of Fear.PNG Rahkshi Turahk
Staff of Disintegration[13] Staff of Disintegration.PNG Rahkshi Guurahk
Staff of Poison[13] Staff of Poison.PNG Rahkshi Lerahk
Staff of Fragmentation[13] Staff of Fragmentation.PNG Rahkshi Panrahk
Staff of Hunger[13]
Staff of Absorption[citation needed]
Staff of Hunger.PNG Rahkshi Vorahk
Staff of Anger[13] Staff of Anger.PNG Rahkshi Kurahk
Staff of Heat Vision[14] Staff of Disintegration.PNG Rahkshi of Heat Vision

Example Usage

In Mask of Light, a Panrahk used its Staff of Fragmentation to shatter the ground under Gali Nuva.

Set Information

Each of the six Rahkshi sets released in 2003 includes a Staff of Power. In addition, set 7138 Rahkshi released in 2010 depicts a Staff of Heat Vision. In set form, each Staff of Power consists of an axle representing its shaft and two spearhead pieces. Each Staff of Power features unique spearheads, with one exception: the Staff of Heat Vision features the same spearheads as the Staff of Disintegration released seven years earlier.


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