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Rahkshi Promo Animations

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Rahkshi Promo Animations is non-canon.
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Rahkshi Promo Animations

Takanuva in Mangaia Animation
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Rahkshi
Release Date 2003

The Rahkshi Promo Animations were a series of CGI-animated videos depicting the Rahkshi and Takanuva in Mangaia on the island of Mata Nui. Although many of these animations had only been available as part of very specific media, such as the Rahkshi Mini Promo CDs, the 2008 update reissued these animations to be enjoyed by a newer generation of fans.


Turahk glares at the camera.

The angle pans across the spines of Turahk as the Rahkshi notices the camera. It glares menacingly at the camera and takes several steps towards a clearing. Activating its Staff of Fear, Turahk drives it into the ground as a brilliant white light is emitted.


Guurahk disintegrates the column.

Guurahk approaches one of the Mangaia columns. Bringing its Disintegration staff-heads into contact with the column, it disintegrates with a burst of blue light and the Rahkshi runs through it before the rest of the column slams down behind it. Guurahk runs speedily across Mangaia and stops at a clearing. It forms the Staff of Disintegration, raises it triumphantly above its head and slams it into the ground as a brilliant white light is emitted.


Lerahk in hibernation

The camera rotates around a column in Mangaia to reveal Lerahk hanging upside down in a hibernation state. The Rahkshi awakens, drops to its feet and leaps from the column. Like an insect, Lerahk jumps from column to column before landing in a clearing. Shiftily looking from side to side, the Rahkshi forms the Staff of Poison and drives it into the ground as a brilliant white light is emitted.


Panrahk running through the Mangaia

A ground-level camera pans the immediate area, when Panrahk suddenly speeds by on foot. An aerial view shows Panrahk running directly at a fallen column but at the last second, the Rahkshi activates its Fragmentation staff-heads and shatters the obstacle. The Rahkshi continues running until it reaches a clearing, where it forms the Staff of Fragmentation. Raising the staff triumphantly above its head, Panrahk drives it into the ground as a brilliant white light is emitted.


Vorahk lands.

From out of the darkness of Mangaia, Vorahk in flight mode appears and zooms past the camera. Tracking shots of both aerial and side views of the Rahkshi are shown before it acrobatically lands on the ground. Vorahk forms the Staff of Absorption and slams it into the ground as a brilliant white light is emitted.


Kurahk in flight mode

Kurahk, in flight mode, glides swiftly in between the columns of Mangaia before landing in a clearing. The Rahkshi forms the Staff of Anger and drives it ferociously into the ground as a brilliant white light is emitted.

Other Rahkshi Animations

Takanuva in Mangaia Animation

An icon of Mata Nui

Takanuva enters the main hall of Mangaia and searches for signs of activity, turning in time to see Turahk noticing his entrance. Equipping his Staff of Light, the Toa of Light continues down the hallway, his gaze scanning uncertainly ahead. Takanuva looks up in time to see Vorahk flying by and approaches the edge of the center of the chamber. Observing the floor markings, Takanuva suddenly notices Lerahk activating his Staff of Poison. Turning left, he sees Guurahk and Kurahk activating their Staffs. While an image of Mata Nui lights up beneath his feet, the Toa shifts his gaze up to face the camera as he is engulfed in light, until only the Kanohi Avohkii is visible. Then it disappears as well.

Rahkshi Saga Animation

This animation features clips from the Rahkshi Promo Animations.

Rahkshi Rock

Vorahk in the Rahkshi Rock video

This parodic animation features Vorahk 'head banging' and playing his Staff of Absorption as if it were an electric guitar.

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