Tablet of Transit

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"With this hand-sized piece of stone, he would be allowed to enter the fortress and carry out his mission. Without it, he would be seen as an intruder, tossed in a cell (if he was lucky), and never heard from again."
— Narrator, Shadows in the Sky

Tablet of Transit
Users Takadox (formerly)
Vican (formerly)
Function Grant freedom from the Brotherhood of Makuta
Status Out of use
Two destroyed
Location The Pit (formerly)
Destral (formerly)
Karda Nui (formerly)

A Tablet of Transit was a hand-sized, triangular stone tablet distributed by the Brotherhood of Makuta to beings as a sign of their being allied with the Brotherhood. Known recipients of the tablet included Takadox and Vican. Visorak and Rahkshi among the guards of the Brotherhood fortress's gates were able to recognize the tablet's meaning, and upon seeing it, took the role of an escort for its bearer. Each tablet was stamped at the bottom with the insignia of the Brotherhood.


Takadox's Tablet

Mantax searching for Takadox's Tablet

Takadox was granted a Tablet of Transit by the Brotherhood in return for revealing the plans of the Barraki's final attack to Makuta Teridax. Takadox was to be let free when the warlords were defeated. However, the Barraki were taken to the Pit by Botar before this could happen, and Takadox took it with him, hiding it in the Pit.

After the Great Cataclysm breached and flooded the Pit, Mantax began to search for this tablet every night, though he did not know what exactly it was he was looking for. He simply believed that one of his fellow Barraki had betrayed them and that the evidence was in the original Pit.

After a long search, Mantax found the tablet in one of the prison cells of the inner Pit. After he had obtained the Kanohi Ignika and drawn the other Barraki into a meeting at the Razor Whale's Teeth, he revealed the tablet and demanded that the traitor come forth. An enlarged Gadunka then attacked the meeting, and Takadox attempted to kill Mantax in the confusion, revealing his treachery. A short time later, Takadox attempted to get out of the Pit by presenting the tablet to Teridax/Maxilos, claiming exemption from punishment under Brotherhood law. However, Teridax crushed the tablet and cast Takadox into a nightmarish vision.

Vican's Tablet

Vican was given a tablet by Antroz to allow his safe passage to Destral from Karda Nui. Once he arrived, he showed the tablet to the Visorak and Rahkshi guards, who then escorted him to Icarax.

The Brotherhood's insignia

Gali's Tablet

During a battle between the Makuta and the Toa Nuva, Makuta Krika captured Gali Nuva and pinned her on the ground, telling her that the Toa Nuva's completion of their destiny would doom the universe to a terrible fate. After explaining how he showed mercy to Makuta Miserix by imprisoning him on Artidax, Krika said he would give Gali a similar chance to escape Karda Nui with a Tablet of Transit that he presented. However, Takanuva then arrived and drove Krika away.

This tablet was later destroyed during the Energy Storms.