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"Lewa yanked on the chains. They were made of protosteel, one of the hardest substaces in the universe, and so thick that even Pohatu would have a hard time breaking free by sheer strength alone."
— Narrator, Shadows in the Sky

Air Saber.png
Lewa Nuva's protosteel Air Saber
Function Numerous
Known states Solid
Primary location Matoran Universe
Pronunciation Pro-toe-steel

Protosteel is the toughest known substance in the Matoran Universe, a rare type of Metallic Protodermis.


Like all other forms of Protodermis, Protosteel was made by the Great Beings. Toa of Iron have the ability to create and control the substance, along with all other metal.

Protosteel has been used rarely, due to the difficulty in working with it. Artakha is one of the few known to be able to work with the substance, and create things out of it. It was also used in the Order of Mata Nui's experiments with the members of Ehlek's species.

Makuta eventually evolved from solid Antidermis into gaseous Antidermis encased inside Protosteel armor. They later hired the Nynrah Ghosts to alter their armor to take advantage of the Makuta's new form.

Artakha later gave the Toa Nuva Adaptive Armor and Toa Tools made of Protosteel to help them in their mission in the core of the universe.


Protosteel is the toughest known form of metal in existence in the Matoran Universe, and is conductive to electricity. It is extremely hard to work with, and only a few beings within the universe can deal with it, including the Nynrah Ghosts and Artakha.

Due to its durability, few known entities are capable of destroying or damaging Protosteel including:

Known Protosteel Objects


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