Ice Gun

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Ice Gun
Users Thok (formerly)
Function Channeling his Ice powers
Melee combat
Status Abandoned

Thok using his Ice Gun

The Ice Gun, also known as the Ice Peg Gun[1] or the Freeze Gun,[2] was the weapon of choice for Piraka Thok. It featured an ice peg on one end, which Thok used for climbing. The gun itself could shoot blasts that completely froze anything they hit by tapping into Thok's Elemental Powers.[3][4]

The Ice Gun has been abandoned since Thok's mutation.

Example Usage

In Showdown, Thok used his Ice Gun to fire a blast of ice at Hahli while battling her.

The Ice Gun in set form

Set Information

The Ice Gun was included in 8905 Thok in early 2006. It consisted of two pieces: the main structural piece of the Ice Gun and a piece of transparent light blue LEGO Technic tubing.


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