Piraka Outposts

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"They were built by the Piraka to defend their stronghold. We are going to have to smash at least a few of them if we hope to take the Piraka's headquarters."
Toa Inika Nuparu, LEGO Magazine

Piraka Outposts
Status Destroyed
Position Voya Nui
Pronunciation PIE-rock-ah

The Piraka Outposts were twelve small gun towers set up by the Piraka. Each featured a cell at the bottom and a stationary Nektann at the top. They were heavily armored and had the ability to reconstruct themselves.


Thok at an Outpost

While searching for the Toa Nuva, a team consisting of Toa Inika Kongu and Nuparu and the Matoran Garan and Velika came too close to a Piraka Outpost and were subsequently attacked by it. Following a suggestion from Velika, Nuparu drilled beneath the tower and blasted it with his Laser Drill. The structure, not having any armor on the bottom, was destroyed. The Toa and Matoran then escaped into the Piraka Stronghold just before the tower could rebuild itself.

All of the Piraka Outposts were destroyed during Voya Nui's return to its position on the Southern Continent.

Set Information

Piraka Outpost Set
Piraka Outpost

8892 Piraka Outpost was one of the playsets of 2006. It featured minifigures of the Piraka Thok and Reidak and of the Toa Inika Kongu and Jaller. Included in the set was one of the outposts as well as a Fenrakk Spawn Spider armed with a Zamor Launcher. A blunt shooter served as the body of the Nektann.


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