Red Serpent

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Red Serpent
Powers Lightning bolts
Status Deceased

The Red Serpent was one of the many Rahi which the Toa Metru encountered beneath Mata Nui.


While traveling through the Maze of Shadows, Matau had the misfortune of running into this creature. It attacked, hitting him with an electrical attack so violent that the Toa's body fused with the rock wall behind him. Onewa soon rescued Matau, and the Toa continued on their journey. The serpent followed them, having changed its colors to blend with the tunnel walls, intending to attack them again.[1] However, it was later trapped in the Karzahni’s tendrils and killed.[2]

Abilities and Traits

The Red Serpent was around twenty feet (4.4 bio or 6.1 meters) long, and bright red, though it could also camouflage by changing its colors. To attack, it would channel bolts of Lightning between its two horns, then fire a large blast with the capacity to fuse the target against a surface behind it.[1]


  • In the BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows video game, the Red Serpent was fought after the Tunnel Flight Challenge minigame, which involved the player flying Toa Metru Matau through a tunnel while being pursued by the Red Serpent.


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