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Bohrok-Kal Online Animations

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The Bohrok-Kal Online Animations were a series of animations released one at a time on during the course of 2003. These reports can be read here. The animations were created by Templar Studios, the same studio that created the Mata Nui Online Game. The animations thus portray characters and settings the same as depicted in the Mata Nui Online Game.

The animations revolve around the Toa Nuva finding themselves stripped of their power by the Bohrok-Kal, and their attempts to defeat the Kal.

Theft of Fire

The Tahnok-Kal at the Ta-Suva

Takua and Jala are on their way back to Ta-Koro, having previously been at the Attack on Ga-Koro at the end of the Bohrok War. They talk about their travels, and how it has been a good one. As they near the village, a rock falls from the cliff in front of them, and they realize they are being followed by something. Jala assumes battle position while Takua becomes alert though unconcerned. Takua is suddenly knocked over by the thing following them, which turned out to be Puku. Takua mounts Puku, and the group leaves, though Jala comments that something does not feel right. As they leave, Tahnok-Kal steps to the edge of the cliff, energy crackling at his headplate.

They reach Ta-Koro and its gate, and are noticed by a Guard. The guard shouts that their captain has returned, and to open the gates into the village. Once in the Koro, the two meet with Turaga Vakama and inform him about the outcome in Ga-Koro. Jala then informs the Turaga that he will be going about his daily guard duties, and Takua insists on coming too. As they reach the Ta-Suva, Jala hails the Guard, only to find him stunned by lightning. Behind him, Tahnok-Kal is holding the Nuva Symbol of Tahu Nuva. Jala shouts an alarm and flings a disk, but Tahnok-Kal unleashes a blast of lightning, deflecting the disk before it can strike. The electricity continues to head toward the Matoran, but Jala acts quickly, pushing his friend out of the way to safety. Jala is caught in the blast, and is paralyzed by the electricity, weakly telling Takua that he cannot move.

Other members of the Guard arrive, and get into fighting positions behind Takua. However, Tahnok-Kal easily leaps clear over the group of Matoran, continuing toward the exit as soon as its feet touch the ground. Tahnok-Kal then abruptly stops, as Tahu Nuva is blocking the gateway out of Ta-Koro. In response, Tahnok-Kal blasts the archway above Tahu, causing it to fall towards Tahu. Tahu readies his swords to melt the rock, and announces that he is the Toa of Fire. Suddenly, his mask turns gray and his powers over fire disappear, and, surprised at his loss of power, he can do nothing to the rocks, which subsequently bury him under a mound of rubble.

Out of Their Elements

The Toa Nuva journey across Mata Nui.

Jala, Takua, and Vakama watch anxiously at the pile of rocks that buried Tahu, hoping that their Toa is still alive. Takua bows his head, already having lost hope. Suddenly, the rocks begin to move, and out climbs Tahu Nuva, relatively unscathed, surprising both Matoran. He tells that while he is not hurt, he is far from fine, as Tahnok-Kal has taken his Elemental Powers. Takua asks Vakama what the creature was, and Vakama leads the group to the Sacred Fire, hoping to find answers in it. Once inside, the Turaga tells them that the creature was a Bohrok-Kal, one of six elite Bohrok. Takua theorizes that the other five may be in the other villages, stealing the respective Nuva Symbols of each Koro. Vakama then suggests to Tahu to seek out the other Toa Nuva, in hopes that they could help each other. Tahu refuses to go, vowing to chase down Tahnok-Kal and bring back the Nuva Symbol, despite his loss of power. He then leaves the hut while Vakama continues to talk with the Matoran, telling them how Tahu's pride puts him in great danger, and that it is unknown what the Bohrok-Kal will do with the Nuva Symbols. The Matoran catch up with Tahu, and the group looks out from a cliff at Le-Wahi.

While the three are traveling through Le-Wahi, Lewa Nuva crashes through the trees and lands in front of them. When asked why he fell, he tells the others that he had been chasing a strange Bohrok, but had fallen out of the trees without his air power to help him. He adds that at the same time, he had suddenly become very heavy, and so could not land right. He agrees to join the other three on their quest, reluctantly having to walk on the ground.

Later, in Po-Wahi, Jala, Takua, Tahu, and Lewa are traversing the dunes when they notice that a third set of footprints had joined the two they were following, indicating that a third Bohrok-Kal had met the other two. Hearing the sound of wild Mahi, Takua brings the group across a sand dune to the herd. Upon crossing a dune, they come upon Pohatu Nuva with Mahi magnetized to his armor. Takua and Jala attempt to pull off the Mahi, but when pulled off they stick instead to the Matoran. After the magnetic power wears off, Tahu guesses that Pohatu had encountered a Bohrok, and Pohatu confirms it. He agrees to join the group as they search for the Bohrok-Kal, as Pohatu believes that it had been to long since a good adventure, and again they set off.

During their journeys, Kopaka, Gali, and Onua Nuva join the group as well. Together, they track the Bohrok-Kal, believing that, although powerless, they can still defeat anything they came across. Nevertheless, Takua mentions that even the combined might of the Toa Nuva would turn out not to be enough to defeat the Bohrok-kal.

Defeat of the Bohrok-Kal

The Bohrok-Kal activating the Nuva Cube

Takua begins to narrate the events of the final battle between the Toa Nuva and the Bohrok-Kal. It is told how the Bohrok-Kal's trail led the Toa Nuva deep underground, straight to the Bahrag's lair. The Bohrok-Kal's mission had since become clear; to release the Bahrag from their prison and release the Bohrok swarms on the island of Mata Nui once again. The Bohrok-Kal raised the stolen Nuva symbols to the cube, but at the last moment, Tahu Nuva called upon the Kanohi Vahi, using its temporal power to halt time. While the Bohrok-Kal could still not be harmed, the Toa Nuva had time to focus their energies through the symbols into the Bohrok-Kal. Unable to maintain control, each Bohrok-Kal shell was destroyed by its own powers. Although several Krana-Kal escape, they are no longer a threat. With their powers restored, the Toa Nuva leave the chamber, traveling up above ground.

Afterwards, the Turaga call all of the Matoran to Kini-Nui. There, they proclaim that, for their bravery, they shall receive a great gift from Mata Nui. They reveal Jaller and Takua, rebuilt into stronger, larger forms. All the Matoran are subsequently rebuilt, and they enter a time of peace. Takua finishes Chronicling the entire tale into the Wall of History, and he and Jaller look out at the rest of the now peaceful Ta-Koro.

The episode ends showing an outline of the Kanohi Kraahkan with blue eyes behind it, floating in a swirling vortex. In the darkness, a being is heard laughing.


  • When The Toa Nuva Triumph Again! was first released, it had rounded figures reminiscent of those found on street-signs representing the Toa Nuva in shots from a distance. This was quickly replaced by standard silhouettes.

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