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Glatorian CGI Commercial
Director Unknown
Producer Unknown
Writer Unknown
Starring Glatorian sets
Distributor LEGO
Release Date January 6, 2009
Runtime 30 Seconds

The Glatorian CGI Commercial[Videos] is a CGI-animated video featuring the Glatorian of Bara Magna.


The video begins with the 2009-themed BIONICLE logo. The narrator then introduces Gresh, who enters the scene sliding on vines in Tesara. He shoots a Thornax at a spiky column and slides towards it, grabbing the Thornax, as the announcer says that he has pinpoint accuracy. Gresh is then followed by Strakk, who is seen sliding on ice in Iconox, smashing through a column of ice with his Ice Axe and firing his Thornax Launcher.

Malum then appears, hurling a stone into the air with one of his Flame Claws. He then shoots the stone with his Thornax Launcher, destroying it. He crosses his claws menacingly and growls. The narrator then pronounces that they all want to challenge the mighty Skrall. The camera then shifts to a Skrall, who enters into an arena, smashing a rock with his sword. A battle between Gresh and the Skrall then begins with Gresh loading a Thornax that was on the ground. He then jumps into the air and shoots the Thornax at the Skrall, who deflects it with his shield.

Gresh then separates his Jungle Shield into his two blades, and clashes them against the Skrall, who blocks with his sword. The Skrall begins to attack Gresh, but Gresh fights back, stabbing the Skrall on the stomach with his blades. The scene then moves to the outside of the arena, showcasing the Glatorian (except the Skrall). Finally, the Glatorian logo appears, which is then smashed by a Skrall.


  • The music used is an early version of Cryoshell's "Bye Bye Babylon".
  • The end of the video shows the Skrall smashing the Glatorian logo with a mistakenly black hand. The set in question has red ones.