Metus' Revenge

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"I've learned the hard way, Kiina, you should never relax your defenses simply because you cannot see your enemy."
Mata Nui

Metus' Revenge
Director Mark Baldo
Producer Joshua Wexler
Writer Sean Catherine Derek
Starring Michael Dorn
Marla Sokoloff
Jim Cummings
David Leisure
Distributor Universal Studios
Release Date September 15, 2009
Runtime 3:47
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Metus' Revenge is an extended ending included in the Special Features of the BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn DVD.


Click, Mata Nui, and Ackar traverse the Sandray Canyon toward a Thornatus buried in rubble, while Metus spies on them from atop a cliffside. At Ackar's command, Kiina and Vastus jump out from behind a rock and activate their Elemental Powers, using the combined force to release the vehicle from the rubble. The two Glatorian congratulate each other, and Kiina questions the need to practice their powers, with the Bone Hunters and Skrall defeated. Mata Nui warns Kiina that one can never let their guard down while Ackar points out that many of the Skrall and Bone Hunters had escaped and are still roaming the wastelands.

Metus facing off against Click

Noticing a disturbance above, Click jumps from his perch on Mata Nui's shoulder and crawls up the wall of the canyon. He finds the cursed Metus trying to topple a boulder, hoping to kill the Glatorian. Metus notices Click, and decides to attack the Scarabax Beetle first. Metus chases Click across the rocks, and eventually succeeds in cornering the beetle, threatening him to Click's cry. Just as Metus is about to bite, he sees a swarm of Scarabax Beetles surround him. Though Metus tries to negotiate, the swarm closes in on him.

Unnoticed by the Glatorian below, Metus flies through the air, landing off-screen and moaning about Click. Simultaneously, Mata Nui looks for Click. Kiina spies him coming down the canyon wall and scolds Click, complaining that he could cause an avalanche, at which Click winks.


Actor Role(s)
Michael Dorn Mata Nui
Jim Cummings Ackar
Marla Sokoloff Kiina
David Leisure Metus

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