2008 Vehicle Commercial

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2008 Vehicle Commercial

Vehicle Promo Animation
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Lewa Nuva
Pohatu Nuva
Makuta Antroz
Axalara T9
Jetrax T6
Rockoh T3
Release Date 2008

The 2008 Vehicle Promo Animation is a video advertising the Codrex battlecraft sets.


As the narrator introduces the new BIONICLE battlecraft, domes are shown opening to reveal the Axalara T9, the Rockoh T3, and the Jetrax T6. Suddenly, Makuta Antroz jumps into the cockpit of the Jetrax and takes off. Toa Nuva Lewa and Pohatu are quick to leap onto the remaining craft and chase after him, while the narrator advertises the speed and firepower of the three craft. The vehicles weave through the Codrex tunnels and out into the Swamp of Secrets, where they fly under, over, and between the trees and roots that block their way. After several seconds of this, the panels on the Axalara T9 open to reveal twin Midak Skyblasters, which he fires at the Jetrax. The animation ends with a picture of the boxes for the three vehicle sets.