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"Kotu, Macku and Hahli: take tools and as many Matoran as are willing. Dismantle the causeway. Hurry!"
Turaga Nokama, Mata Nui Online Animations

Ga-Koro Guard
Headquarters Ga-Koro (formerly)
Leader Turaga Nokama
Goals Protect Ga-Koro (formerly)
Allies Toa Nuva
Other Mata Nui Military forces
Enemies Infected Rahi
Status Disbanded
Pronunciation GAH-KOAR-oh

The Ga-Koro Guard was a Ga-Matoran-run Military organization that occasionally assembled when the village of Ga-Koro was in great danger.


The Ga-Koro Guard was assembled first to prepare for the expected Rahi attacks on Ga-Koro, surrounding the village with sharpened bamboo poles during the Dark Time.[1]

During the Bohrok invasion, the Pahrak assaulted Ga-Koro, threatening the Ga-Matoran and the Po-Matoran refugees they were sheltering. The Onu-Matoran deployed Boxors to attack the Bohrok, but the Pahrak collapsed the walkway and sank them. It was only thanks to the quick actions of Hahli and Macku that the riders were rescued. Since the walkway was the only route into the village, the Pahrak retreated.[2]

At nightfall, the Pahrak breached Naho Falls and swarmed Ga-Koro. Hewkii destroyed a walkway, which prevented the Bohrok from moving forward, but also trapped the Matoran and Turaga in one section of Ga-Koro. As morning broke, the Pahrak used Krana Vu to cross the water and assault the Matoran. From the shore, Jaller used one of the posts the Guard had erected to catapult Takua into Ga-Koro to face the Pahrak.[3] At this time, the Toa Mata defeated the Bahrag, causing the Pahrak to deactivate.[4]


The guards mainly used sharpened Bamboo Poles and Fishing Staffs. During the Bohrok invasion, Keras crabs were trained and outfitted with special riding plates to be used in helping to defend Ga-Koro.[5]

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