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"I will tell Onewa that I will lead the company. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you!"
Hewkii to Hafu, Mata Nui Online Animations

Po-Koro Guard
Headquarters Po-Koro (formerly)
Po-Metru (formerly)
Leader Hewkii (formerly)
Goals Protect Po-Metru (formerly)
Allies Toa Nuva
other Metru Nui Military forces
Enemies Teridax
infected Rahi
Status Active
Pronunciation POH-KOAR-oh

The Po-Koro Guard[1] was a Po-Matoran-run Military organization that protected the village of Po-Koro.


The Po-Koro Guard preparing to attack a group of Bohrok
Two members of the Guard, Ally and Piatra

The Po-Koro Guard used Dikapi, flightless but very quick bird-like Rahi, as mounts to send scouts or occasionally notes and messages. These were attached to the Rahi for communications across the vast expanse of the desert. They also used Bamboo disks for combat purposes.

One of the Po-Koro Guard's primary jobs was guarding Po-Koro from outside dangers. Ally, Piatra, and another Matoran performed this task.

When the Bohrok attacked the island of Mata Nui, the Guard attempted to protect the village from the Tahnok swarms. This attempt failed, but the intervention of Toa Pohatu saved the Matoran. Pohatu then, along with the Matoran, evacuated Po-Koro.

The Po-Matoran fled to Ga-Koro in hope of refuge, but the village was besieged by Pahrak swarms. The Po-Koro Guard then helped defend Ga-Koro.

The Po-Koro Guard later returned to Metru Nui, where they continued the Guard[2] in Po-Metru.

Despite the destruction of Metru Nui in the Battle of Bara Magna, the Po-Metru Guard remains active on Spherus Magna.

Known Members

  • Hewkii (formerly)
  • Piatra
  • Ally
  • A Po-Matoran who wore a black, powerless Kanohi Huna
  • A Po-Matoran who wore a black, powerless Kanohi Komau
  • A Po-Matoran who wore a black, powerless Kanohi Hau


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