Phantoka Commercial

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Phantoka Commercial

Phantoka Promo Animation
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Phantoka
Shadow Matoran
Release Date 2008

The Phantoka Promo Animation was a half CGI-animated, half set-based animation released in 2008 to promote the Phantoka canister sets.


The animation opens with an image of Tanma brandishing his Power Swords while the Toa Phantoka fly overhead. The narrator announces that BIONICLE takes off with new wings, weapons, and boosters. The sets of the Toa Phantoka and Av-Matoran riders are shown while the "power-up" and Midak Skyblaster functions are shown. Chirox and Kirop in set form and then in CGI are shown as the narrator explains that the Makuta and their helpers are ready. The Tridax Pod function is shown and the narrator announces that the Battle for Power has begun. The animation ends with an image of the canister sets of the Phantoka and boxed sets of the Av-Matoran and Shadow Matoran and the phrase "New powerful teams from BIONICLE."


  • This is the first canister Promo Animation to actively feature and promote the smaller boxed sets.