BIONICLE Toa Team Movie

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BIONICLE Toa Team Movie
Director Unknown
Producer Unknown
Writer Unknown
Starring Toa Mata
Toa Nuva
Toa Metru
Toa Hordika
Toa Inika
Toa Mahri
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date March 4th, 2008
Runtime 1:00

The BIONICLE Toa Team Movie is a compilation of several animations about various Toa teams and their missions.


The movie begins with the Toa Mata walking towards the Kini-Nui Suva. It then shoots to Tahu emerging from Energized Protodermis in his Toa Nuva form, followed by Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa. The movie then shows Vhisola trembling behind a crumbled building, which Vakama jumps in front of her, brandishing his Disk Launcher. Several Vahki then emerge in front of him. It then shoots to a scene of Toa Hordika falling from their cocoons, to them on the ground, and then to Visorak launching Rhotuka spinners followed by the Toa Inika walking, and then firing Zamor Spheres at a chain-link fence, with them jumping over it as it collapses. Next the movie shows the Toa Mahri in the Toa Terrain Crawler. A timer starts ticking, the Toa exit the Crawler, and they deploy their weapons to get ready for action. The movie suddenly switches to a view of the Toa Nuva in their new Adaptive Armor plummeting toward a Stalactite Village in Karda Nui. They pull up at the last minute and the movie cuts to a scene featuring the Av-Matoran Tanma running and jumping off of a stalactite to avoid being hit by the Makuta's Shadow Leeches. As Tanma falls to his death, Lewa dives out of nowhere and saves Tanma by directing him to fall on Lewa's back. The movie ends as it cuts to a link to and advertises the song "Gravity Hurts."