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Toa Nuva Promo Animations

Transformation Animation
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Toa Nuva
Release Date 2002

The Toa Nuva Promo Animations were a series of largely CGI-animated videos depicting the Toa Nuva on the island of Mata Nui. The emphasis of these animations were to demonstrate the dual abilities of the Toa Nuva's Toa Tools in storyline context. Although many of these animations had only been available as part of very specific media, such as the Bohrok-Kal Mini Promo CDs, the 2008 update reissued these animations to be enjoyed by a newer generation of fans.


Tahu Nuva leaps from the rocky outcropping.

From a rocky ledge in Ta-Wahi, Tahu Nuva gazes down at a lavafall spilling into a lake below. With a mighty leap, the Toa Nuva of Fire launches himself with limbs extended off the ledge towards the lava. In mid-air, Tahu combines his Magma Swords into a lava surfboard and braces himself for contact with the lavafall. Reaching the bottom, Tahu surfs up a rocky outcropping and grabs the board in slow-motion before landing again on the surface of the lava. Surfing up an embankment of the river, Tahu lands once more on the river, leaps over a rock in his path and slaloms expertly down the lava until the camera feed ends.


Gali dives into the water.

The Toa Nuva of Water's Aqua Axes part to reveal the Kaukau Nuva of Gali Nuva as she leans to dive into the water from a Ga-Wahi cliff. Reaching the water, her Aqua Axes reset into flipper mode and Gali speeds away into the depths of Naho Bay until the camera feed ends.


Lewa readies his Air Katana.

The camera vertically follows a tree trunk until Lewa Nuva is revealed to be standing on a branch observing Le-Wahi. The Toa Nuva of Air suddenly draws his Air Katana and jumps from the tree. Lewa allows himself to free-fall for a few moments before resetting his Katana into flight mode and catching a updraft, zooming away as the camera feed ends.


Pohatu climbs on a wall.

Pohatu Nuva appears to be climbing up a rock face in Po-Wahi using his Climbing Claws until it is revealed he is traveling sideways like an insect. With a powerful push, the Toa Nuva of Stone jumps towards the opposite canyon wall and kicks off it to gain momentum. Catching the tip of a stone formation with one of his Claws, he swings around it once and lands forcefully near the camera. Pohatu snaps his Claws intimidatingly and staring at the camera until the feed ends.


Onua blading on boulders

On the Onu-Wahi surface, Onua Nuva activates his Quake Breakers in a circular formation and rotates rapidly to descend into the earth. Quickly resetting his Breakers into tread mode, the Toa Nuva of Earth maneuvers his way down a subterranean landslide until he lands on the camera, ending the feed.


Kopaka grabs his Ice Blade.

The Toa Nuva of Ice skates swiftly down a halfpipe of snow and leaps over a mogul in his path. Using a natural ramp in the Ko-Wahi terrain, Kopaka Nuva catches air and performs several mid-air acrobatic maneuvers before sliding sideways down the edge of an icy bank. He leaps in the air and disconnects his skates, which continue to sail through the air. Landing on the edge of a cliff, three Kohrak turn to confront the Toa. As Kopaka steps forward, his skates land in the snow and form the Ice Blade. The Toa inches his Toa Tool forward, severing the piece of the cliff on which the Kohrak are standing, sending them plummeting to their doom below while their krana are suspended comically in mid-air. The animation ends with the view of the falling Kohrak, watching Kopaka stand triumphantly at the edge of the cliff.

Transformation Animation

Tahu's Hau Nuva surfaces.

As the level of Energized Protodermis decreases, the Toa Nuva emerge. The narrator explains how they are the recipients of improved body armor and new enhanced tools with surprising dual action abilities while elements of the set version of Tahu are displayed. The clip ends with an image of the Toa Nuva canisters and the BIONICLE logo.

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