2015 Masters Commercial

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2015 Masters Commercial
Creator Unknown
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Masters
Skull Spiders
Lord of Skull Spiders
Release Date December 17, 2014
Runtime 30 seconds

The 2015 Masters Animation was a CGI-made television spot featuring the relaunch of BIONICLE in 2015.


The Mask of Creation is seen floating on a pedestal, shortly before being stolen by the Lord of Skull Spiders. As Skull Spiders skitter around it, the Lord of Skull Spiders holds the Mask above its head. The scene switches to Kopaka skiing on ice, and he freezes a Skull Spider with his Ice Spear. Afterwards, Lewa is seen jumping from a tree and slashing several other Skull Spiders with his Battle Axes. The camera then switches to Tahu surfing on lava, who defeats attacking Skull Spiders with his Golden Swords. Finally, all six Toa are seen marching towards the camera. They blast the Lord of Skull Spiders with their elemental powers and retrieve the Mask of Creation.