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News Report Animations
Director Unknown
Producer Unknown
Writer Unknown
Starring Mistika
Mata Nui
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date Summer 2008
Runtime Varied

The News Report Animations are a series of animations released on the United Kingdom version of They feature Toa Nuva Onua acting as a news reporter, updating and commenting on the content of The Rise of Mata Nui.

1st Report

Onua announces the battle in the Swamp of Secrets saying to the viewer that the Makuta must be stopped. In the background, Tahu Nuva is seen flying in an intense fight.

2nd Report

The Keystones are introduced. Onua comments and updates the viewer that the Makuta will stop at nothing to retrieve the keystones and are now swarming the Toa like insects. The video shows as Tahu flies in and steals a Keystone from Makuta Krika. Bitil and Gorast catch sight of him and give chase. They attempt to shoot him down as Gali and Onua come in to back up Tahu.

3rd Report

Toa Onua explains that following the previous battle, the Toa were able to find the Keystones and have now opened the Codrex with them. The scene shows Tahu placing the keys in a special lock, with Gali and Onua by his side. The door to the metallic sphere then opens to reveal a large tunnel.

4th Report

Finding "battle craft of amazing design and power", Onua tells the current events of which the Toa find the Axalara T9, Rockoh T3 and Jetrax T6. Lewa steps towards the Axalara and Pohatu the Rockoh respectively, as Antroz quickly steals the Jetrax and heads back out toward the swamp.

5th Report

Onua relates to how Lewa and Pohatu, using the vehicles they had found, are now giving chase to the Makuta Antroz.

6th Report

While being narrated by Onua, the video shows the Toa Ignika sacrificing himself to awaken Mata Nui. The Toa is seen flying toward the bottom of the Codrex, as his body vanishes in a bright light with only the Ignika falling. It hits the floor landing in a spherical compartment, and the room explodes in a bright light.

7th Report

Onua is seen outside the body of Mata Nui, as it slowly rises out of the water. He tells the audience that for the first time in a thousand years, the Great Spirit's true form is shown.

8th Report

Toa Onua asks the question as the body is shown standing upright and functional, is the evil Makuta truly gone and have the Toa saved the Universe?

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