Mistika Commercial

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Mistika Commercial

Mistika Commercial
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Mistika Toa Nuva and Makuta
Release Date 2008

The Mistika Commercial is an advertising video of the Mistika sets released on the Hong Kong Toy's "R" Us BIONICLE mini-site and also a television advertisement. It includes video clips from The Rise of Mata Nui mini movie, along with photos of the Mistika sets.


As Tahu flies ahead of his two allies, Onua and Gali, the three insectoid Makuta surround him. As the Makuta fire their Nynrah Ghost Blasters, Tahu flies out from the area, rejoining his teammates. The animation then provides a CGI spin of Tahu's canister, which takes its place among the other Mistika canisters, while it ends.