Barraki: Creeps From the Deep

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"Legend has it that the only hope of ever getting out of there is a mask that every deep sea creature has been craving for years."
— Narrator, Barraki: Creeps From the Deep

Barraki: Creeps From the Deep
Director Christian Faber
Producer Jeppe Fonnesbæk (Executive Producer)
Lars Bartkær
Writer Unknown
Starring Dekar
Sea Squids
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date January 22nd, 2007
Runtime 2 minutes and 20 seconds

Barraki: Creeps From the Deep was the first online animation of 2007. It features the Matoran Dekar pursued by all six Barraki, who want the Kanohi Ignika for themselves.


The short movie begins with the Ignika sinking to the bottom of the sea. It ends up landing near Dekar, who curiously picks it up and rushes over to put it on the statue at the Matoran Holy Sanctuary, which is lit by a Lightstone. After he places the mask onto the carving, Dekar kneels down, but he does not see Kalmah's tentacle wrap around the neck of the carving, and shatters it into pieces (the song "Creeping in My Soul" starts at this point). Dekar flies backwards, landing on his back near Ehlek. The Lightstone has also landed by Dekar, which Ehlek crawls up to; as he bites it, he glows. Kalmah shoots a squid at Ehlek, who catches it and puts it in his own launcher.

Pridak swims toward Kalmah, who is shown holding the Kanohi Ignika with his tentacle. Pridak uses his sharp Shark Tooth Blades to cut Kalmah's tentacle.

Ehlek aims his launcher at Pridak, and he shoots the squid. The squid glows as it bites his arm.

The mask falls into Dekar's hands, and the other Barraki force him down a tunnel, falling into a pile of Protodermis pieces. Takadox crawls out of a cave and hypnotizes Dekar to make him let go of the mask. Takadox picks it up for himself, but is attacked by Mantax (who had been hiding in the pieces and starts to rise after Takadox walks over where he was hiding ) and as they clench, a squid comes. Mantax manages to catch it, and turns to see that it was Carapar that shot it.

Carapar runs and hits Dekar so that he falls over the edge of a trench, holding on tightly in order to not fall down completely.

Just as Mantax shoots a squid at Carapar, Carapar shoots another squid at Mantax, who blocks it. It ricochets off of his weapon and swims toward Takadox, who is still holding onto the mask.

The squid grabs it, swims for a little bit, and drops it accidentally right near Dekar (the song ends at this point).

Kalmah's tentacle then grabs Dekar's leg, and drags him down to the bottom of the trench.


  • Greg Farshtey has stated that the movie is in fact canon. It is a vision the Kanohi Ignika had given Dekar.[1]
  • Two versions of this movie were made. The second version had a different narration and a different ending to the song, and displayed a link to rather than The second version is shown on this page at the top.
  • Tony Wedgwood narrated this animation.


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