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2009 Vehicle Commercial

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2009 Vehicle Commercial is non-canon.
The subject of this article is not part of the canon BIONICLE storyline. The information on this page was not approved by the BIONICLE Story Team. Further, it either contradicts canon events or was never referenced in canon media.
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2009 Vehicle Commercial

Vehicle Promo Animation
Creator Tinseltown Toons
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Thornatus V9
Skopio XV-1
Baranus V7
Release Date 2009

The 2009 Vehicle Promo Animation is a video advertising the 2009 vehicle sets.


A small band of Bone Hunters astride Rock Steeds chase a Thornatus vehicle through Sandray Canyon. Perditus is seen piloting a Thornatus V9, followed by Telluris piloting the Skopio XV-1 in tracked mode emerging from the opposite end of the canyon. The Skopio XV-1 fires one of its Force Blasters at the Thornatus, but the smaller vehicle dodges out of the way. Telluris modifies his vehicle to deploy its walker legs, and the Thornatus V9 activates its pronged attack. Clips from BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn are shown, depicting the conflict between a Thornatus and a Skopio. The narrator announces the arrival of amazing new vehicles from BIONICLE, and the release date of the movie.