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Bohrok Shields
Acid Bohrok.PNG
A Lehvak using its Acid Shield
Users Bohrok
Function Focus the user's powers
Melee combat
Status Out of use

Bohrok Shields are tools wielded by the Bohrok. Each member of the Bohrok swarms wields a pair of breed-specific shields through which it can channel its powers.[1][2] The shields may also be used defensively or for melee combat.

List of Shields

Name Picture User Function
Fire Shield Set Fire Shield.PNG Tahnok Melt any substance on the island of Mata Nui[3]
Water Shield Set Water Shield.PNG Gahlok Draw water from any source and then redirect it at a target[4]
Acid Shield Acid Shield.png Lehvak Secrete a special acid that could eat through any substance on Mata Nui in a matter of seconds[5]
Stone Shield Set Stone Shield.PNG Pahrak Generate seismic energy strong enough to cause stone to crumble[6]
Earth Shield
Hammer Shields[7]
Set Earth Shield.PNG Nuhvok Weaken a structure from below, causing it to tumble down[8]
Ice Shield Ice Shield.png Kohrak Freeze anything, including molten rock or open flames[9]

Example Usage

In "To Trap a Tahnok", a swarm of Tahnok used their Fire Shields to melt handholds into the wall of Tiro Canyon so they could climb out of it.

Set Information

The six Bohrok sets released in 2002 each contain a pair of Bohrok Shields. Each shield is composed of a single LEGO element.


According to the non-canonical The Coming of the Bohrok booklet included with BIONICLE: Bohrok Swarm, the shields of Lehvak are known as Crushing Shields.


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