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Toa Hagah
Creator Ghost Studios
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Toa Hagah
Release Date 2005

Toa Hagah[Videos] was a CGI-animated animation released in 2005 to promote the Toa Hagah Special Edition canister sets. As of 2008, it continues to be available to be viewed at the Story Archive section of


The statues of the Toa Hagah

The animation opens with an image of monuments of Toa Hagah Iruini and Norik. As the narrator explains that two new heroes awake from a distant past, the monuments come to life. Toa Iruini leaps forward while swirling in a thunderstorm, followed by Toa Norik who does the same but is backed by a wall of lava. The Toa Hagah in their set form are then presented and showcased. The narrator points out their features such as giant spears and awesome Rhotuka spinners, stating that they are ready for any challenge. The animation ends with an image of the canister sets of the Toa Hagah and the phrase "BIONICLE Special Edition."