The Rise of Mata Nui

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"Now there is no turning back. Make the future begin."
Tony Wedgwood, The Rise of Mata Nui

The Rise of Mata Nui

The animated movie
Director Christian Faber
Jan Kjær
Producer Jeppe Fonnesbæk
Lars Bartkær
Writer Unknown
Starring Antroz
Mata Nui
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date 24th of November, 2008
Runtime 02:57

The Rise of Mata Nui (also known as the Final Battle Animation) is an online animation featured on (in extended segments) and which shows a simplified version of events which took place during The Final Battle, along with the exact details of the appearance and reawakening of the Great Spirit Mata Nui.



The movie opens with the Toa Nuva Mistika separating in the swamp for searching the Keystones, then Makuta Krika emerges from the waters of the swamp and goes to dry land to grab a Keystone, but Toa Tahu snatches it as he flies by. Makuta Gorast then leaps from a decaying tree trunk and follows Tahu, firing a blast from her Nynrah Ghost Blaster.

Tahu executes a flip in mid-air and blocks the ammunition with his Rotating Fire Blades. He flies past Bitil and lands on a tree while Gali and Onua emerge from the mist. Krika aims his Nynrah Ghost Blaster at Tahu and fires, and Tahu deflects it with his Rotating Blades. Bitil and Gorast then fire at Tahu from two different sides, forcing him to jump off the tree. The two blasts then collide with Gali and Onua's blasts in mid-air, creating an explosion. Tahu is then seen flying away, joined by Gali and Onua, heading to the Codrex.

The Codrex

The three Toa Nuva then fly towards the Codrex. Upon landing on a ledge in front of the entrance, the Keystones combine into a single, humanoid-shaped key (the same emblem found on the Ignika's face). The floating key is pushed towards the niche in the Codrex, causing the door to slide up and multiple layers to open for the Toa.

Vehicles Discovered

The camera then zooms into the dark circle within the Codrex. Inside the Codrex, three silver spheres containing the vehicles open, revealing Axalara T9, Rockoh T3, and Jetrax T6 to the Toa Nuva. However, when Jetrax T6 is revealed, Antroz, who had followed the Toa into the Codrex, jumps in it and flees back to the swamp of Karda Nui. As soon as this happens, Lewa and Pohatu begin to pursue and attack him on their vehicles.

Vehicles Chase

The Rockoh T3 and the Axalara T9 chase the hijacked Jetrax T6 after the vehicles exit the Codrex. The chase continues into the Swamp of Secrets, where Lewa fires with his vehicle's Midak Skyblasters.

The Storm

Meanwhile, Toa Ignika is flying on his Skyboard into the Codrex. While going through the corridor that leads to the central chamber, the mask dissolves its body, Lifeblade, and Skyboard, and then places itself into the center of the six Lightstones. A silver sphere envelops the mask, and the Energy Storms erupt.

Mata Nui Rising

On the surface of Aqua Magna, the passage from Mangaia to Metru Nui begins trembling. Then, the Suva-Kaita on Kini-Nui is shown falling apart. Subsequently, an aerial view of the island of Mata Nui is presented as the island itself breaks into pieces, revealing the face of a gigantic being. His whole body begins to rise from the water as he slowly stands up, pieces of rock falling from his joints after a millennium of unconsciousness. He looks up to the sky as his eyes open. After a thousand years, the Great Spirit Mata Nui has risen.


As he looks up, Mata Nui's eyes turn red as Makuta Teridax takes over the body of Mata Nui and banishes the Great Spirit's spirit into the Ignika. Teridax then consequently launches the mask from the body and out of the Matoran Universe.

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