BIONICLE: Phantoka

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BIONICLE: Phantoka
Director Unknown
Producer Unknown
Writer Unknown
Starring Phantoka
Toa Nuva
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date 2008
Runtime 1 Minute

BIONICLE: Phantoka is a short video which features the Phantoka, and contains clips of Toa Metru Whenua and the Toa Nuva in their 2003 forms, followed by the Toa Nuva Phantoka soaring through the skies in Karda Nui. It is generally about the final battle and who will triumph.


The short movie begins with the narrator saying "When the legends of great heroes are told, no name rings out like the Toa".

The narrator continues to speak, while Toa Whenua is seen digging. Then he suddenly falls backwards and slides through the ground. Toa Nuva Tahu is then seen jumping from a rock and surfing through lava. The scene then changes to Toa Gali Nuva swimming away. After that, Kopaka is shown skating through Ko-Wahi, and the scene changes to Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka Phantoka flying toward a Sky Village.

They fly under it, not noticing the three Makuta - Chirox, Antroz, and Vamprah - under the Stalactite. Chirox and Vamprah fly away from the camera, while Antroz flies towards the camera. The scene then changes to Antroz flying alongside Vamprah, pursuing Tanma, who is running along a stalactite. The Makuta then launch their Tridax Pods, but Tanma jumps from the stalactite. Lewa flies under Tanma, and they both link-up and reunite with the other Toa along with Solek and Photok, while Chirox and Kirop fly above them, and Chirox launches his Tridax Pod.

Kopaka, Pohatu, Solek and Photok get out of the camera view, while Lewa and Tanma spin to avoid the Shadow Leeches. Then, in slow motion, Lewa is shown launching light spheres with his Midak Skyblaster, while Tanma hits the Shadow Leeches with his Power Swords, and Tanma and Kirop clash blades.

The movie ends with an advertisement of