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"Now they must face the ultimate test."
— Narrator

Director Unknown
Producer Unknown
Writer Unknown
Starring Bohrok
Matoran (Kirop)
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date 2008
Runtime 1 Minute

BIONICLE Battle is a short animation featuring the Toa and their enemies. The animation features almost all of the main story villains in the BIONICLE storyline.


The movie begins with a Tahnok launching out of one of the Bohrok Nests and walking towards the camera. It then shows a Tahnok revealing its Krana and Tahu without his Hau. The Tahnok projects its Krana at Tahu's unprotected face. The Krana sticks to the Toa's face and gains control of him. Guurahk appears from a portal, with Panrahk shattering a structure in Mangaia, Vorahk landing and Lerahk using his Staff of Poison. While all the scenes are shown, the narrator states that the Toa have always faced many enemies bravely and that the foes have changed but the Toa still triumph with their courage and fight for justice.

Then, a Vohtarak appears, crawling towards the camera, a Suukorak, Boggarak and Keelerak then launch their Rhotuka spinners towards the camera. After that, a Bordakh destroys a structure with its Kanoka disk, revealing a Ga-Matoran behind the destroyed structure, but Vakama jumps in between the Vahki and the Matoran. The Bordakh takes a step back, and five other Vahki step out of the mist. The faces of Hakann and Thok, and Zaktan appear, giving a sign to Vezok. The Piraka then draw their weapons and the face of Toa Inika Matoro appears. A group shot of the Toa Inika is shown. Matoro steps on a switch, and the Toa Inika notice the searchlights on a wall lighting up and the lasers aiming for the Toa as they prepare themselves.

Toa Mahri Kongu appears loading his Cordak Blasters. Afterwards, the deep sea creatures and the faces of Carapar, Takadox and Mantax appear. Then, Kongu is shown using his Cordak Blasters as creatures swim rapidly past, and the scene changes to the 2008 storyline as the narrator says that now the Toa are facing the ultimate test: the Toa Nuva Phantoka regroup, flying upwards together with their Matoran allies. Chirox uses his Tridax Pod and Lewa flies towards the Shadow Leeches that are released from the Tridax Pod. After that Tanma is shown crossing blades with Kirop.

The animation ends with a advertisement.