2015 Power-Up Videos

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2015 Power-Up Videos

A screenshot from Lewa's Power Up Video
Distributor The LEGO Group
Promoting Toa
Release Date 2015

The 2015 Power-Up Videos are a series of stop-motion animations released online featuring the Toa and Protector sets from winter 2015. The short videos promote the power-up models that can be built using the Toa and Protector sets of the same element.


Lewa and Vizuna

Lewa flies around in the Region of Jungle and loses all his armor when he lands. Vizuna rebuilds Lewa into his powered-up form and gives Lewa the Golden Mask of Jungle.

Pohatu and Nilkuu

Pohatu throws and catches one of his Stormerangs, then offers one to Nilkuu. Nilkuu throws the Stormerang, but when it returns, it knocks off most of his armor. Pohatu then rebuilds himself into his powered-up form, fixes Nilkuu, and claims the Golden Mask of Stone.

Gali and Kivoda

Gali uses her Elemental Trident to try to reconstruct Kivoda from a pile of pieces. After a few jumbled attempts, Gali is successful. She then takes Kivoda's Elemental Torpedo Blaster and the Golden Mask of Water to transition to her powered-up form.

Tahu and Narmoto

Narmoto finds Tahu's Fire Blades and the Golden Mask of Fire and mimics the Master of Fire. When Tahu arrives, Narmoto is startled and flees, dropping his tools and mask. Tahu then uses the dropped items to enter his powered-up form.

Kopaka and Izotor

Kopaka and Izotor spar near the Golden Mask of Ice's pedestal. When Izotor steps on Kopaka's foot, Kopaka is angered and snatches his Ice Saw. Admitting defeat, Izotor then offers his Elemental Ice Blaster, and Kopaka takes both the blaster and his Golden Mask to enter his powered-up form.

Onua and Korgot

Korgot attempts to swing Onua's Earthquake Hammer, struggling with its weight. When Onua swings his hammer, the resulting tremor causes Korgot to fall to pieces. Onua chuckles, then reassembles Korgot, grabs the Golden Mask of Earth, and rebuilds himself into his powered-up form.

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