Three-Bladed Scissor

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Three-Bladed Scissor
Manufacturer Zaktan[1][2]
Users Zaktan (formerly)
Function Melee combat
Status Fused

The Three-Bladed Scissor in set form

The Three-Bladed Scissor was Zaktan's primary weapon. It had three blades attached at one end, and a claw at the other. Zaktan created it from the Protodites that comprised his body.[1][2] Thus, it could break apart and reform.[3]

The Three-Bladed Scissor was absorbed into Zaktan's body following his mutation.[citation needed] When he was fused with several other beings, he and the Three-Bladed Scissor became part of the resulting Golden Being.[4][5]

Example Usage

In Island of Doom, Zaktan used the Three-Bladed Scissor in his sword fight with Toa Nuva Tahu.

Set Information

The Three-Bladed Scissor was included in 8903 Zaktan in early 2006.


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