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"The masks were scattered across the island, waiting for a time when someone would come looking for them."
— Narrator, The Legend

Masks of Power

The Masks of the Mask Makers
Users Elemental Beasts
Elemental Creatures
Mask Makers
Okotans (Protectors)
Skull Raiders (Skull Army)
Function Providing power(s) to their wearers
Status In use
Location Okoto

Masks of Power are objects that grant power to those denizens of Okoto who wear them.


A variety of beings can wear and use Masks of Power. Many Masks of Power were crafted by the brothers and Mask Makers Makuta and Ekimu; Ekimu himself bore the Mask of Creation, while Makuta wore the Mask of Control. It was a sacred law that Masks of Power could not contain the power of multiple elements, for a multi-powered mask would be too dangerous.[1] A few masks were not created by the brothers or worn by them, such as the Hunter Mask and the Creature Masks.[2]

The various Elemental Masks draw their powers from Elemental Crystals, which come from the various regions of Okoto. After a sign from the Elemental Creatures, Ekimu used the Mask of Time to look into the future, and saw that Okoto would be rocked by a cataclysm. He thus took it upon himself to craft the Golden Masks, which were hidden by ancient islanders to await the day when they would be needed.[3]

Over time, Ekimu's masks grew more sought after than his brother's. Jealous, Makuta broke sacred law and combined elemental powers to forge the most powerful mask in existence: the Mask of Ultimate Power. Makuta donned the mask, but it took control of his body; tremors struck Okoto, and the island began to crumble. Ekimu struggled with his brother and managed to knock the mask from his face, creating a shockwave.[1] Unable to hold all six elements, the Mask of Ultimate Power shattered, creating a rift that drew Makuta into the Shadow Realm. The Mask of Creation ended up in the City of the Mask Makers, while the Mask of Control was hidden in the Labyrinth of Control by the Elemental Creatures.[4]

The Protectors wear elemental masks that are passed down from generation to generation.[5]

One thousand years after Ekimu's fall, Okoto was beset by Skull Spiders. In their search for the Mask of Creation, the Skull Spiders threatened the Okotans, and the Protectors invoked the Prophecy of Heroes to summon the six Toa to Okoto. The Toa arrived wearing elemental masks, and with the aid of the Protectors they retrieved the more powerful Golden Masks from their hidden shrines. Ekimu contacted the Toa through the Golden Masks and urged them to find his resting place in the City of the Mask Makers. However, upon entering the city, the Toa were attacked by the Skull Army, which were able to drain masks of energy by touch. Several of the Toa's Golden Masks were drained by the Skull Army, but they were each recovered. Acting on Makuta's orders, Kulta stole the Mask of Creation, and prepared to destroy it in the Great Forge. The Toa and Ekimu challenged him, but Kulta donned the Mask of Creation and used its power to destroy the Toa's Golden Masks. Ekimu defeated Kulta and reclaimed the Mask of Creation, and later recreated the Toa's Golden Masks.[6]

Ekimu created new masks and armor for the Toa's quest to find the Mask of Control. Umarak stole the Mask of Control, but was mutated by its power to become a servant of Makuta. Umarak created the Elemental Beasts, powered by their Beast Masks of Corruption, to attack Okoto while he located the shards of the Mask of Ultimate Power. Umarak used the shards to open a portal to the Shadow Realm, using himself as a component in the ritual. His body was destroyed, and the Mask of Control was sucked into the Shadow Realm.[4]


The Masks of Powers are masks that have various powers. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. They can be worn and used by Okotans, Toa, Mask Makers, Elemental Creatures, Skull Creatures, Umarak, and Elemental Beasts.

There are six kinds of normal masks with elemental powers, which are Fire, Ice, Earth, Jungle, Stone, and Water. Each mask is made of an Elemental Crystal of the respective elemental power. The Mask Makers use the crystals to make the masks, and they use their hammers to do so in their forge. If a mask has more than one element, it becomes stronger, and it can combine its elemental powers. An Okotan can have a headache after using a mask with two elements.[3] The Hunter Mask has the elemental power of Shadow.

Some elemental masks also have other abilities. Ekimu can use the Golden Masks of Power to communicate with the Toa through visions. The Golden Masks of Unity and Hunter Mask allow their wearers to combine with the Elemental Creatures, who use their Creature Masks of Power to do the same thing. The Mask of Ultimate Power could destroy Okoto if its user worn it longer. When it shattered, it created an extremely powerful shockwave that changed Okoto and created a portal to the Shadow Realm.

The Mask Makers wear masks that do not have elemental powers. Ekimu wears the Mask of Creaton while Makuta wore the Mask of Control.

The Skull Creatures and Elemental Beasts had masks that do not have special powers, but they need them for various purposes. The Skull Creatures and Toa need their masks to regain their strength, and the Toa would also become weak if their masks were forcefully removed from their faces by others. The Toa and Skull Creatures do not have this effect when they switch their masks quickly. The Elemental Beasts needed their masks to reform their destroyed bodies. However, if the masks are destroyed, this permanently destroys the beasts themselves.

Some masks have identical shapes. The Protectors and their people wear similar masks. Even Ekimu had a powerless mask that looks like one of them. The Elemental Creatures' masks have the same shape. The same goes to the Elemental Beasts. Some Skull Creatures wear masks of the same shape.

The Masks of Power can be changed by external forces. When the Skull Creatures drain the Golden Masks of Powers of their elemental power, the masks gain translucent colors on their scalp parts. However, when the Toa wear the masks, the masks will be restored to normal, as their scalp parts' gold colors will return. When Makuta used the Mask of Control to turn Umarak, who was wearing the mask, into the Destroyer, the mask changed to look monstrous and fused itself to Umarak's head. When Ekimu assumed his Toa-like form, the Mask of Creation, which he is wearing, got enhanced with Light energy, turning it translucent light blue, but when he changed back to his original form, his mask changed back to normal.

Not all masks have powers. Ekimu's golden mask when he was in a coma and the Protectors' fellow Okotans' masks were such masks.

Usually, masks' users have to wear them in order to use their powers, but there are a couple of instances that do not require the users to wear their masks. The Lord of Skull Spiders was known to use to Golden Mask of Skull Spiders without wearing it. After the Mask of Ultimate Power was shattered into pieces, Umarak, the Destroyer, used the pieces to open the portal to the Shadow Realm.


Mask Makers

The Mask Makers' masks are known as the Legendary Masks.[7]

Mask of Creation
Users: Ekimu, Kulta (formerly)
Mask of Control
Users: Makuta, Umarak (both formerly)
Mask of Ultimate Power
Users: Makuta


The Protectors' masks were created by Ekimu, and have been passed down through the generations.[5] Each has a two-color blend that distinguishes them from regular islander masks. Shortly before the Battle of the Mask Makers, Ekimu provided the Protectors' with masks that were more powerful than those they'd previously worn. The masks do not directly possess elemental powers, but rather unlock the inner potential of the Protectors' elemental powers, as they can unleash and enhance the elemental powers in the Protectors' bodies.[8]

Protector Mask of Fire
Users: Mamuk (formerly), Narmoto
Protector Mask of Ice
Users: Uganu (formerly), Izotor
Protector Mask of Earth
Users: Etoku (formerly), Korgot
Protector Mask of Jungle[note 1]
Users: Agarak (formerly), Vizuna
Protector Mask of Stone
Users: Kerato (formerly), Nilkuu
Protector Mask of Water
Users: Owaki (formerly), Kivoda

Elemental Masks

These were the masks first wore by the Toa when they arrived on Okoto. They provide stronger elemental control than Protector masks.

Mask of Fire
Users: Tahu (formerly)
Mask of Ice
Users: Kopaka (formerly)
Mask of Earth
Users: Onua (formerly)
Mask of Jungle[note 1]
Users: Lewa (formerly)
Mask of Stone
Users: Pohatu (formerly)
Mask of Water
Users: Gali (formerly)

Golden Masks of Power

The Golden Masks of Power grant great elemental powers to those who wear them. They were created by Ekimu some time before the Great Cataclysm in preparation for the prophesied arrival of the Toa.[3] While the Toa wore them, the full potential of the Toa's elemental powers were unleashed. Ekimu can also send visions to the users of Golden Masks. After the Toa's arrival, the Protectors led the heroes through the wilds of Okoto to claim the Golden Masks from their hidden shrines. The Skull Creatures stole the Golden Masks from several of the Toa and began stealing their energy, but the masks were reclaimed. Kulta destroyed the Golden Masks when the Toa tried to defeat him, but Ekimu later repaired the masks.[9][10]

Golden Mask of Fire
Users: Tahu (formerly)
Golden Mask of Ice
Users: Kopaka (formerly)
Golden Mask of Earth
Users: Onua, Skull Basher (all formerly)
Golden Mask of Jungle[note 1]
Users: Lewa, Skull Slicer (all formerly)
Golden Mask of Stone
Users: Pohatu (formerly)
Golden Mask of Water
Users: Gali (formerly)

Masks of Unity

These masks were created by Ekimu for the Toa after the City of the Mask Makers was reclaimed. They were designed to help the Toa track down the ancient Elemental Creatures, and gave the Toa a spiritual connection to their respective creature, allowing them to sense the creature's presence.[11]

Unity Mask of Fire
Users: Tahu (formerly)
Unity Mask of Ice
Users: Kopaka (formerly)
Unity Mask of Earth
Users: Onua (formerly)
Unity Mask of Jungle
Users: Lewa (formerly)
Unity Mask of Stone
Users: Pohatu (formerly)
Unity Mask of Water
Users: Gali (formerly)

Golden Masks of Unity

These masks were hidden in secret shrines in the wilds of Okoto. Each mask was guarded by one of the Elemental Creatures. When wearing the Golden Masks of Unity, the Toa were able to unite with the Elemental Creatures, granting them even greater elemental power and control.[11]

Golden Unity Mask of Fire
Users: Tahu
Golden Unity Mask of Ice
Users: Kopaka
Golden Unity Mask of Earth
Users: Onua
Golden Unity Mask of Jungle
Users: Lewa
Golden Unity Mask of Stone
Users: Pohatu
Golden Unity Mask of Water
Users: Gali

Elemental Creatures

The Elemental Creatures, with the exception of Agil, wear masks[12] fused to their faces.[citation needed: LEGO Magazine?]

Creature Mask of Fire
Users: Ikir
Creature Mask of Ice
Users: Melum
Creature Mask of Earth
Users: Terak
Creature Mask of Jungle
Users: Uxar
Creature Mask of Stone
Users: Ketar
Creature Mask of Water
Users: Akida

Elemental Beasts

The Beast Masks of Corruption were both the source of power and the greatest weakness of the Elemental Beasts who made up the Shadow Horde. With their power, Shadow Traps could take on the forms of great beasts with Elemental power who could reform after any defeat so long as their masks remained intact. However, a beast could be permanently defeated by smashing the mask, which would prevent the beasts from reforming if they had already been defeated or still needed to be destroyed.[13]

Beast Masks of Corruption
Users: Lava Beasts, Quake Beasts, Storm Beasts (all formerly)

Skull Creatures

These masks are worn by the Skull Raiders and the members of the Skull Army. The Skull Creatures that wear masks grow weak without them.[10][14] The Skull Raiders wear black Skull Masks.[14]

Skull Grinder's Mask
Users: Kulta
Skull Spider Mask
Users: Skull Slicer (formerly)
Skull Mask
Users: Skull Warriors (formerly), Axato
Bull Skull Mask
Users: Skull Basher (formerly), Skull Scorpios
Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders
Users: Lord of Skull Spiders (formerly)


Ekimu's Golden Mask
Users: Ekimu (formerly)
Hunter Mask
Users: Umarak (formerly)
Mask of Time
Users: Ekimu (formerly), Protectors
Mask of Tree-Cutting[note 2]
Users: The groundskeeper (formerly)
Mask of Tree-Growing[note 2]
Users: The groundskeeper (formerly)
"Mask of the Sea Queen"
Users: Unknown[note 3]
"Mask of Hyper Plasma II"
Users: Unknown[note 3]
"Mask of Psychosis"
Users: Unknown[note 3]
Mask of Speed
Users: Unknown[15]
Mask of Strength
Users: Unknown[15]

Set Information

The 14-karat gold Golden Mask of Skull Spiders

In 2015, each of the six Master sets include two Masks of Power: one in the Master's respective color and one in gold. Each Protector set also included a mask; all six Protector masks utilized the same mold. Four dual-colored variants of the Masks of Ice, Jungle, Earth, and Stone were released in the medium-sized Skull Army sets alongside new Skull and Bull Skull masks, while the large set included the Mask of Creation, a golden Protector mask variant, and a Skull mask.

A total of 1,500 transparent copies of the Mask of Fire were released, 800 of which were given away to attendees at New York Comic Con 2014. Copies of the mask were also given away on Twitter[16] and donated to BZPower.[17]

A transparent orange Mask of Fire was available in the promotional polybag 5002941 BIONICLE Hero Pack which also included a dark blue Skull Spider, a poster, a booklet, and a sticker sheet.

14-karat solid gold versions of the six Master masks, the Mask of Creation, and the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders were also produced, intended to be given away through various means. They were first revealed and on display together at NYCC 2014, with the exception of the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders, which was later revealed as the grand prize for the Battle For The Gold Mask competition. The six Master masks were revealed as prizes for the Bionicle Mask Hunt, and the solid gold Mask of Creation was finally given away in the Mask Maker Challenge.

Two hundred copies of a transparent blue Mask of Water were created for the 2015 LEGO Inside Tour event. Each mask was numbered, and are the only known versions to be produced.

At the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, an exclusive trans-neon green Bull Skull Mask (identified as a "Skull Scorpio Mask") was given away through a drawing.[18]

An exclusive gold Skull Mask is included in 5002942 LEGO BIONICLE Villain Pack, while the Mask of Creation was also featured in the 5004409 Accessory Pack.

In 2016 the Uniter sets each come with a Unity Mask in two colors: one corresponding to the wearer's element and a gold variant. Umarak's first set includes his Hunter Mask in trans-bright green and black and the golden Mask of Control, while his second set comes with a modified trans-neon green and gold Mask of Control. The 71313 Lava Beast, 71314 Storm Beast, and 71315 Quake Beast each came with dual-colored versions of the Unity Mask of Fire, Ice, and Earth and their own Masks of Corruption, respectively, while Ekimu's 2016 set came with a trans-light blue Mask of Creation and a trans-neon orange-tinged gunmetal version of the Hunter Mask. The recolored Hunter Mask and Masks of Unity had no storyline role.

Prototype gold and black versions of the Mask of Ultimate Power were created by LEGO for the inspirational Makuta models seen in The Makuta Challenge, but weren't released as parts of a set.



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