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RoboRiders was a series of construction based action figures produced by LEGO, under their TECHNIC theme. The line was released over 2000 in two waves to succeed Throwbots/Slizer and to precede BIONICLE.


RoboRiders immediately succeeded Throwbots, releasing in the year 2000 after Throwbots was discontinued. Taking many of the themes established within Throwbots, notably the emphasis on collectible elemental defenders, the line mixed these with several original ideas of its own. As with Throwbots, many concepts introduced by RoboRiders themes would resurface in BIONICLE. Additionally, the line would tie-in with Technic's larger "Create N' Race" theme of the year. Each of the four smaller sets were released under different names as part of a promotion by the Japanese company, Kabaya.

The line was discontinued after two waves, the second only consisting of The Boss set.

Story and Setting

The website presented a world called the Web,[1] existing within cyberspace consisting of six elemental regions: Dust Environment, Frost Environment, Lava Environment, Onyx Environment, Power Environment, and Swamp Environment.[2] The titular RoboRiders were cyborgs with human brains and motorbike bodies specially equipped for their respective environment, and able to fire their front wheel as an attack.[3] These front wheels were known as Talisman Wheels and had a wide number of variations depicting cartoon robotic characters.[4]

In the online storyline, a mysterious virus of unknown origin was unleashed upon the Web, adopting six forms across the multiple environments. Only the RoboRiders were able to detect and eliminate the virus.[1] All six RoboRiders needed to defeat the virus in their respective environments before a final seventh stage could be revealed.[2]

Although the story for RoboRiders was never published in print, magazines and product descriptions gave personalities and traits to each RoboRider.[5][6] In the no man's land between their environments, the six RoboRiders competed for the title of "THE REAL ROBORIDER"; after months of a stalemated battle, all six were declared winners.[7] The Boss RoboRider had no known role in the storyline, but was described in its product description as the bigger, smarter, and stronger new generation of RoboRider.[8] It remains unknown what role the promotional sets filled.

Featured Elements

Where the focus of Throwbots was anthropomorphic robots, RoboRiders was themed around robotic motorcycles. RoboRiders sets frequently featured flexible tray housing for its wheels that could be pulled back and released to hurl special wheel pieces that came included with the sets. This feature was included in all of the main sets but none of the promotional sets. In addition to this, many of the sets featured play functions in the form of their tools. However, the line utilized fewer of the ball-and-socket joints that were seen in Throwbots, and would come to feature again in BIONICLE.

Like their predecessors, the RoboRiders featured a myriad of set combinations called ComboRiders,[9] as well as a "Super ComboRider" form that could be created by using pieces from the six main sets.[10] Additionally, The Boss had two official set configurations. These concepts would make a return in BIONICLE.

A distinctive element of RoboRiders packaging was the ability to put the set canisters in the fridge for ten minutes to reveal promotional codes for unlocking levels in the RoboRiders game.[2]


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Each RoboRider set came packaged with two or three launchable Talisman Wheels, in addition to the collectible packs that were released. The Talisman Wheels featured with the line came in nine colors for each of the sixteen Talismans, meaning one hundred and forty-four total Talisman Wheels were available for collection.


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List of Sets

Roboriders Sets
Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number
Volcano Climber 35 8003 Dirt Bike 32 8004 Ice Explorer 34 8005 Swamp Craft 25 8006

Roboriders Sets
Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number
Swamp 45
8509 Lava 33
8510 Frost 44
8511 Onyx 37

Roboriders Sets
Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number Name Pieces Set Number
Dust 46
8513 Power 32
8514 The Boss 125 8516

Roboriders Collectibles
Name Pieces Set Number
RoboRider Wheels 4


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