Copper Mask of Victory

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Copper Mask of Victory
Title Copper Mask of Victory
Powers None (Ceremonial)
Component disks N/A
Bearers Akilini champions[1] (formerly)

Copper Masks of Victory are powerless Kanohi with ceremonial value.


Copper Masks of Victory are made of metallic protodermis.[2] Forged in a copper color, they were originally awarded to Akilini champions, who wore them on Metru Nui. The Toa Metru later brought the Kanohi to Mata Nui, where they were awarded to Koro entertainment champions.[1] The masks were forged in the shapes of Noble Kanohi Huna and Noble Kanohi Komau.

During the Great War, Makuta Teridax had his infected Rahi steal and hide the copper masks in an attempt to crush the Matoran's morale.[3]

Takua's Copper Mask as seen in BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa

Known Recipients

Set Information

Copper Masks in set form

Two Copper Masks of Victory were released in set form: the Noble Huna, and the Noble Komau. These used an exclusive semi-translucent copper color, similar to those of the later released gold and silver masks in 8559 BIONICLE Krana.

Both masks were available through polybag distributions at LEGOLAND Billund and LEGOLAND Windsor. A cardboard insert inside the polybag describes the copper masks as more powerful versions of those Kanohi that can be found in the caverns beneath Mata Nui,[6] though this description is non-canonical.

The copper Huna was additionally available through a variety of means. Posters were given out with BIONICLE purchases at participating Toys "R" Us stores on August 5th, 2001 (erroneously stated to be August 11th in "Deep into Darkness"), which could then be used at the stores on September 8th, 2001 to receive the mask for free. However, at many stores the masks were in practice given out to anyone who purchased a BIONICLE set.[7][8][9] The masks were also used as prizes for another in-store Toys "R" Us promotion which challenged contestants to duel one another with Manas' remote control function.[citation needed]

The copper Huna was also among the masks available in a German Nestlé promotion in which cereal boxes contained one Kanohi mask as a free gift. A small leaflet distributed with the promotional cereal packs described the copper mask similarly to the LEGOLAND pack-in card, as a powerful but hard-to-master variant that was believed lost.[10] The Huna was also handed out at LEGOLAND Windsor as a reward for completing a trivia challenge in the park's "clubhouse".[11]

In September 2003, Blockbuster Video offered Toa Nuva sets with copper Huna included with them as part of a promotion for Mask of Light.[12][13][14] In some stores, these masks were still available as late as May 2004.[15]

The translucency of the Huna masks varied between releases, with the standalone Huna being noticeably more translucent.


  • Copper Masks of Victory can be worn, but Matoran use them exclusively for displaying purposes.[16]


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